Convention Season has Started!

We love to travel and hopefully we are coming to an area near you.

Right now we are getting ready for the Texas Home School Coalition Association Convention in Arlington, TX. It is May 5-7, 2016.2016-300×250-RedWhiteBlue-Arlington




Then we are off to FPEA in Orlando! It is May 26-28. FPEA



We wrap up the season in The Woodlands, TX. It is July 21-23. woodlands



Free History Video Classes by Us!

Nancy Video Classes

Do you have elementary age children? Do you want them to have fun learning a little history? Look no further because we have been working hard to bring some fun classes to you for FREE. Our own Nancy Fileccia will be doing video classes online for your children to watch and learn! She will be teach a history lesson each week using visual aids. Also included is crafts, maps, coloring pages, memory cards, timeline, and more. All of the material used will be free for you to download.

Click here!

First class is Christopher Columbus at 9am Pacific on November 10th (10am Mountain, 11am Central, 12pm Eastern)

Week 2- Pilgrims
Week 3-Colonies
Week 4-American Revolution
Week 5-Documents that Changed America
Week 6- Louisiana Purchase

We will announce classes 7-12 later.

Don’t forget to tell your friends and groups about this amazing opportunity. No strings attached. Sponsored by HECOA.

Homeschooling 4th – 6th Grade: Best Resources & Giveaway

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Homeschooling 4th - 6th Grade

 Homeschooling 4th – 6th Grade

As students approach the 4th – 6th Grade, it becomes all that much more important to make sure that we are preparing them and laying an appropriately strong foundation for higher education.

Suddenly, our kids need to put together a decent book report, have a deeper understanding about how the world around them works and be able to express these skills in a tangible format. It’s enough to make a homeschool mom nervous if she will let it! But you don’t need to fear.

If God has called you to this homeschool life – He is ALWAYS faithful to make clear the way for you! Really.

Biggest Sale of the Year

What if you could have access to a bunch of different curriculum with various learning styles and subject matter . . . without breaking the bank? You can!

It’s that time of year for the Build Your Bundle Sale – this week only. 

Bundle #1

The first 4th to 6th grade bundle is my favorite – but I may be a little prejudice. . . A Journey Through Learning “History in 12 Weeks” is in this bundle as well as Adventures in Childrearing “Wildlife Adventures – Dolphin Unit Study” (that includes a study of Greece & more) – The Fractions math, Write Through the Bible, Human Body & learning to write a book report just seal the deal for me!

Extreme Savings for 4th - 6th Grade

$203.86 $39.00 Savings = 81% off

Bundle #2

Of course, bundle 2 is great also! The great news is . . . you really don’t have to limit yourself too much – they are Buy 2 & Get 1 FREE!
2015 Build Your Bundle Homeschool Sale Fourth through Sixth Grade Bundle

There are bundles for all ages, special bundles for boys and girls, and even a bundle just for moms! With every purchase – you get a bonus book.

Bonus Book is chock full of Terrific Gifts and Coupons

With every bundle purchase – you get a bonus doc. full of freebies and coupons and a great “extra” to add to your collection. There is even a special Lila Rose clip! Check out all the information by clicking the banner below.

Hundreds of Dollars worth of freebies and deals for every customer who makes a purchase!


I know there is a lot of sales talk this week, but it’s important that we reach all those who need to take advantage of this ONE TIME Per Year sale. For some families – it’s the only way they can afford the best curriculum, others simply want to be good stewards and get the best deals possible.

Please be sure to share with your friends and other homeschool families who could benefit from the best deals of the year!

Did I mention the Kindle Fire Giveaway?

We love homeschooling on the go & in honor of this big sale – we are giving away a Kindle Fire!

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