Lapbook Supply Storage Ideas

One question I get asked frequently is:

How do you store all your lapbook supplies?

For our family, I just managed to accomplish this.  First I purchase a little green caddy.  I then decided what supplies would be most useful in there.


I chose to add:

  • scissors
  • pens and pencils
  • glue sticks, bottle of glue and sticky dots
  • glitter pens, as there wasn’t room in my supply organizer
  • tape dispenser



Below are a few of the ideas I had submitted when I asked on Facebook what other do to store their lapbooking supplies.

Missy wrote: “I have a small tote that has pockets going around it. Each pocket has things like glue, crayons, pencils, brads, glitter etc. And in the middle are our two bigger items – stapler and pencil sharpener. I also use a hard pencil case for stickers. And to store our in progress lapbooks I use a plastic 12×12 scrapbook envelope to hold the folders and any loose items (I bought these at the craft store for $1).”

You Found a Code: Chris

Patty wrote: “We use binders with cardstock to hold our lapbooks instead of the folded file folders. It stores better for us. I store the uncut minibooks in clear page protectors, sometimes we cut them out as we go, Normally I’ll cut out a set at at time. To keep all the completed mini-books together I use a zippered “Pencil Pouch” that fits right in the binder. Then when we are ready to assemble, all are right there–nothing is ever lost!”

Paula of AJTL wrote: “one neat thing we do for storing the lapbooks themselves is to use the duct tape on the sides and put in a notebook.”

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