Lapbooking Classes

Do you want to learn more about lapbooking?  How to implement it into your school daily?  Do you want to get a lapbooking group together?

A Journey Through Learning lapbooking classes include classes for adults and children.


In our adult class each mom will receive a complete lapbook. We go step by step how to assemble the folders. We then explain the different booklet folds. And how to place them in the booklet. When they leave they will have a lapbook to use at home with their children.

In the children’s class we read a book and then show the kids how to assemble their lapbook. We then go through the book and fill out what they learned in the book.

Lapbooking classes are $10 per person with a 20 person minimum.  If you have ever wanted to try lapbooking, but were a bit overwhelmed, a lapbooking class is just the thing for you.  If you are a lapbooking pro, but would like to learn new lapbooking skills, then a lapbooking class would be a great benefit for you.

If you live in the following areas, or within a four hour drive, we would love to schedule classes before or after the dates listed with each location.  For more information, please email

Greenville, NC March 22-24
Memphis, TN April 12-14
Soldotna, AK April 18th
Anchorage, AK April 19-20
Fairbanks, AK April 23-24
Arlington, Texas– May 11-13