Juggling Multiple Lapbooks in the Homeschool at One Time.

As we have done more lapbooking, I have found that we are typically working on more then one lapbook at a time.  In order to do  this, you have to keep both you and your children from beingPaula Juggling Lapbooks overwhelmed and you have to stay organized.

In our home, we are rarely working on just one lapbook at any given time.  In fact, right now we are working through five.  My older two children work on them for a lot of their “bookwork” time, rather then workbook pages for Geography, Science and History.

I assign different pages to each child and they work through them through the week.  I find that they actually enjoy helping each other with the different pages, so both are learning the same information.  I don’t have both do the same lapbook, rather they each do a different one or one does five pages of part of one and another does another five pages.

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Each child has a pocket folder for each subject they have a lapbook for.  Each week I place the pages of each lapbook to be completed in the appropriate pocket folder.  DSCN7246

The pocket folder is then placed in the correct hanging file folder in their school boxes.


The completed pages either go in a large zip lock baggie and then placed in their school boxes in the correct subject hanging folder, or in their pocket folders.


I keep the pages that are not in their pocket folders in a file folder that are then placed into a small file box. DSCN7243

I also lapbook with my younger crowd, much the same way, but I am there working with them.

Having a place for all our supplies, pages and such really helps give up more time for learning and lapbooking.