Lapbooking with Preschoolers

Though our products are meant to be cut and pasted by the preschool crowd…This mama-Betty-doesn’t let her preschoolers near scissors or glue.  I have too many littles and when I have tried this, well, it was not good. Winking smile

I am here to say, that you can STILL lapbook with your young crowd without them using the glue and scissors. In fact as I printed off our Preschool book a month ago, I decided to make it reusable.

First we (my 9 year old daughter Lora is my homeschool teacher’s aid) cut out all parts of the lapbook.  Then we laminated them.



I also laminated cardstock to stick each booklet to.  To stick the booklets to the laminated cardstock pages, I used the sticky glue spots found in the scrapbooking section of most stores.

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I then used my comb binder to bind the book together.


Under the letter flaps, I had Lora, cut pictures out from magazines and we used Velcro to attach them.



Using Velcro allows us to use this book over and over again.  We continue to cut out more pictures to make it a bit more challenging.  We have pictures for beginning sounds and ending sounds. Winking smile

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