What is an amphibian?, What defenses do they have in order to survive?, What about
the amazing world of tadpoles?, Are there differences between frogs and toads?, What
are salamanders?, What are caecilians and do we ever see them? Your child will learn
the answers to these questions and so much more with our colorful and lively
Amphibians Lapbook with Study Guide!
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119 thoughts to “AJTL Amphibians Lapbook

  • Shelly

    I get a little overwhelmed wanting to make sure everything is in the right place.

  • Kristina M

    I’ve been lapbooking for a year now. Thanks!

  • Heather E

    We just started within the last year.

  • Stephanie D.

    We have been lapbooking for 1 year and we love it!!

  • Dusti

    Our littles would love this~

  • Susan Riston


  • Emily

    My son would love this one!

  • Heather

    Yea for Amphibians!! Thanks for the chance!

  • JenniferT

    about 10 years, off and on

  • Jenn

    Love it, thanks!

  • Leah

    Thank you for the giveaway! 🙂

  • delayne marquardt

    1 year and loving it!

  • Sarah A.

    Two years…we love it!

  • hsmominmo

    We have made lapbooks in our last 2 school years

  • Mandy B.

    Been lapbooking for 4 years!!!

  • mayra

    Have studied amphibians but we could use a lapbook to bring it all together, thanks.

  • Marvilie Shaver

    Still in the planning stages.

  • Angela


  • Garnet Morey

    9 year old frog lover in the house!

  • Karin Sewell

    several years…mixed with other stuff..this book looks fun!

  • Robyn

    Love lapbooking

  • Helen

    We’ve been lap booking for 1 year.

  • Sarah

    We’ve been supplementing with lapbooks for about 3 years.

  • Gladys Casper

    4 yrs!

  • Becca

    2 years!

  • Karen

    Have been lapbooking for about 3 months now and loving it!

  • Jamie

    This is our first year lapbooking. My kids really like it!

  • Sarah

    My son would love this!

  • Brooke Graphia

    Gross things what more could my boys want to learn about 🙂

  • Charlotte Duron

    a favorit topic in our household!

  • cjoy

    I have never done lapbooking….but this looks like a cool way to start!

  • inSANEmom

    First year homeschooling and lapbooking!

  • Julie

    We have just started lapbooking!!!

  • Jamilah Zebarth

    just started lapbooking

  • Jamilah Zebarth

    I’m just starting homeschool and lapbooking!

  • Kim

    We’ve only done a few lapbooks, but my son likes them.

  • Wendy Taylor

    My girls and I love to lapbook.

  • Lynn Northcutt

    Looks like fun:)

  • Niki French

    Can’t wait to start lapboking!

  • vivian

    haven had a new lapbook this year it will be a blessing

  • Jeanie

    this would be fun

  • Alice

    3 years

  • Wendy Taylor

    Me and my 2 girls love lapbooks. They really help keep our studies lively.

  • Lisa McClain

    about 12 yrs now!

  • cassie

    would love this. we want to get tadpoles to raise

  • Darlene B

    Oh, my daughter would love this one! Hope I win!

  • Victoria

    this goes nicely with Sonlight science K as a supplement to one of the weeks.

  • MelissaR

    My sons would love having this lapbook to complete!

  • cassie

    looks sweet, new to lb

  • Monika

    3 years

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