What is an amphibian?, What defenses do they have in order to survive?, What about
the amazing world of tadpoles?, Are there differences between frogs and toads?, What
are salamanders?, What are caecilians and do we ever see them? Your child will learn
the answers to these questions and so much more with our colorful and lively
Amphibians Lapbook with Study Guide!
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119 thoughts to “AJTL Amphibians Lapbook

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  • Julie

    This is our first year lapbooking!!!!

  • Amy Austin

    This is our third year lapbooking and we love it!

  • April

    Just starting!

  • Mom24jewewls

    Just starting to lapbook.

  • Bernice

    1 year

  • Sarah Avila

    3 years

  • Giovana

    This would be toadaylly awesome to win so i can do it with my 2nd grader! 🙂

  • Sharon Normark

    We started lapbooking this year.

  • Tiffany DeOs

    Lapbooking for four years.

  • missy

    3 yrs

  • A. Ross

    We could use this next semester. We did our first lapbook 3 years ago.

  • Sally May

    3 years

  • Jennifer Berry

    Looks very interesting.

  • Joella

    I am just learning how to lap book as a first year homeschooling mom.

  • wendiwinn

    this is my first week!

  • Machelle Womack

    Now this gets me super excited about learning to lapbook!

    Haven’t lapbooked yet, just now figuring out how to do it? I know my kids would love it!

  • Kendra

    2 years

  • LisaAnn

    My girls would love this!

  • lisa

    1 year

  • Terra

    my kids love Amphibians

  • Bekki Edwards

    three years

  • Kristina Morris

    July 2011

  • Laura

    About a year

  • Shannon Bowlin

    We have been lap booking 2 year during holidays!

  • Stephanie

    Not long, my boys would love this 🙂

  • Sharon Carpenter

    2 yrs

  • Wendy Martin

    First Lapbook completed and downloaded 2 more today Thanks!

  • Laura Sizemore

    We’ve only done a couple of homemade lapbooks. My girls loved them.

  • Melissa S

    i know my kids would love this one they are always catching frogs!!

  • Nikki

    The children would definitely love this one!

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