AJTL Government and the Election Process Lapbook Giveaway

Government and the Election Process $13

For grades 2-7
Our American Government and the Election Process Lapbook with Study Guide has
everything your student needs to understand the election process, voting and so much
more! It makes the complicated process of elections seem easy as it is written with the
child in mind. Every booklet in this lapbook has an information page with all the
information needed to easily complete the booklets.
Includes graphic and color coded directions on how to construct your file folders into a
lapbook, how to put together each booklet and where to put them in your lapbook. This
lapbook is 3 folders big!
Topics are:

  • The Constitution
  • Political Parties
  • The Legislative Branch
  • The Executive Branch
  • The Judicial Branch
  • Rights of Citizens
  • Our Nation
  • Job Description of the President
  • How to Cast a Vote
  • Registering to Vote
  • Election Day
  • Electoral College
  • How to Elect a President
  • Requirements to be President
  • How Laws are Passed
  • Campaign Buttons
  • Oaths of Office

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