Geography Matters Giveaway

Geography Matters Giveaway

Cantering the Country w/CDRom 29.95


From the authors who brought you Galloping the Globe, comes the U.S. version,
Cantering the Country. Learning geography is an adventure, and it’s much more than
memorizing facts! This unit study course teaches a wide range of academic and
character building disciplines using the geography of the U.S. as a starting point. You
don’t have to put aside one subject to make time for another. They’re all connected!

This comprehensive unit study can be used for all children grades 1-5 and includes:

• Geography – Learn basic geography of each state through terms, mapping, & more.
• Science – Learn science by studying the state flowers, trees, animals, and birds.
• Language Arts – Explore language arts as you read literature set in each state.
• Character – Build character by learning to apply the principles of the preamble to the
constitution of each state.
• History – Bring history alive with the stories of famous people, founding fathers and
Native American groups from around the country.

At the end of the course, your students will have a deeper understanding and
appreciation of this great nation. They’ll also create a U.S. notebook chock-full of
wonderful information and fun memories. So saddle up your horses and strap on your
thinking caps!

This new edition of Cantering the Country includes an Activity CD-ROM jam-packed with
even more reproducible content! Simply pop the disc in your computer, select what you
need to enhance the day’s lesson, and print top-quality student notebook pages right
from your home computer!