Great Products T-Shirt and Mug Giveaway

Great Products started as a screen printing t-shirt business about 20 years ago. We were educating our son Josh at home, and wanted a t-shirt that promoted homeschooling. We found a book which provided the names of famous homeschoolers. We made a collage of their faces, listed their names, and put the title "I AM Homeschooled And So Were…" at the top. As Josh wore the shirt, other homeschool families asked if we could make some for their children. When we realized they were willing to actually give us money, we were more than happy to comply. We have now sold more than 25,000 of that design all over the world! Since then, we are a 2nd generation homeschool family and have devoted ourselves to producing fun, educational products for the educational and family market, and are always coming up with new ideas.

Homeschool Moms Rock – T-Shirt
T-Shirt & Laser Engraved Mug $21.99 


One of our best selling t-shirts. Show your "Homeschool Mom Flair" with this colorful and
artsy design. Winner picks their own size and color. 

Homeschool Coffee Mom Mug (Laser Engraved)
16 oz pink laser engraved mug. Top rack dishwasher safe.