Home Educating Family Magazine Giveaway 30 Winners

Home Educating Family Magazines Giveaway
30 one-year print subscriptions $15.95

One Year US Subscription
The Home Educating Family Magazine (HEFM) is published quarterly, and is the gateway for your family to be a part of the most meaningful discussions taking place in the homeschooling community today.
Teaching your children at home in the 21st century is starkly different than it was over thirty years ago when the homeschooling movement began. Families now have more options, support and resources than every before! The mission of HEFM is to keep you abreast of all that is crucial and all that is available to you as a family so that your family can have the very best home-educating experience possible.
HEFM is committed to addressing those topics that influence us most deeply, such as parenting, marriage, biblical manhood and womanhood, and the family’s important roles in the church and the government. At the same time, we give you immensely practical advice on implementing the newest and best ideas in homeschooling!
HEFM is for families who want their children to be able to think and thoughtfully engage the culture. Homeschoolers have the advantage of avoiding some of the worse elements of our world, but we also have the responsibility of changing our world. HEF hopes to give you the encouragement, inspiration, and information to do just that!

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