It’s Designed To Do What It Does Do 9.99

It's Designed to Do What It Does Do
From perhaps the two most popular creationist speakers comes a one-of-a-kind board book that teaches young children that God is creative, good, and interested in His world! From the animals explored to the young readers enjoying this learning journey– the book shares an important and wonderful truth– God made everything for a specific purpose.
Each animal presented in the book has certain design features that leave no doubt whether evolution could have taken place. A great children’s title with an important foundational faith message and entertaining animal facts– combined in a format with those great "googley eyes" children are sure to enjoy! The easily identifiable animals are familiar to any child, and the "googley eyes" combine with eye-catching color illustrations to make this book both educational and fun!

247 thoughts to “New Leaf Press Giveaway It’s Designed To Do What It Does Do

  • Lynne Bellaire

    My son loves Ken Ham and Buddy and watches their videos on Answers In Genesis website so this would be a great addition to what we have from them already.

  • Katrina M

    Just started

  • JenniferT

    about 10 years, off and on

  • Bethany

    I haven’t started lapbooking, but I love the idea!

  • Jenn

    Sounds like fun!

  • Debbie

    I have been making lapbooks for a while… 6-8 years? The kids love them!

  • Leah

    Thank you for the giveaway! 🙂

  • Hope

    This is our third year using lapbooks.

  • Kristina Best

    Haven’t started but want to.

  • delayne marquardt

    Would love this for my grandson! Have been lapbooking for a year.

  • Beverly

    not long. I have to do most of the work for my small children. I’d love to do more when they can participate more.

  • Victoria

    Ken Ham is one our favourite authors!

  • hsmominmo

    WE have made lapbooks these last 2 school years

  • Nicole

    About a year.

  • Lisa McClanahan

    For several years.

  • Heidi

    Just started lapbooking.

  • Julia Cvar

    I just started, thanks to you! The kids are loving it!!!

  • Karin Sewell

    several years…my little guy would love this!

  • Mandy B.

    Cute book! Been lapbooking for 4 years!!!

  • Jamilah Zebarth

    Just starting lapbooking

  • Shalene

    Been lapbooking for about 3 mos now. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Angela

    3-4 yrs

  • Hailey Ramsey

    A little less than a year.

  • mayra

    We love lapbooking and have for about four years.

  • Jenny

    Less than a year.
    Thank you!

  • Lori Vissers

    I’ve been lapbooking for 1 year.

  • Cynthia Carlson

    We have tried lapbooking but it hasn’t been a good fit for us yet. I get really excited when I see them but we never seem to get it finished.

  • Helen

    We’ve been lap booking for 1 year.

  • Penny Bowser

    5 years and lovin it

  • Laura Lopez

    I haven’t lap booked yet, but am excited to get to do this. Thanks!

  • Niki French

    Have never lapbooked. Can’t wait to get started!

  • Yavonn

    I’ve been lapbooking with my older boys for years, but I’m starting fresh with my 7 year old and this would be so great!

  • Angela

    Just started using lapbooks this school year.

  • Sarah

    We’ve been supplementing with lapbooks for about 3 years.

  • Becca

    2 years!

  • Beth

    Just started!

  • Gladys Casper

    We’ve lapbooked for 4 yrs.

  • Gladys Casper

    We’ve lapbooked for 4 yrs!

  • Jeanie


  • Renee Gotcher

    Just started this year as part of our Heart of Wisdom curriculum. My girls love it!

  • Blessed5x

    New to lapbooking.. preschoolers here would enjoy this!

  • Annette

    Brand new!

  • Nicole Taylor

    Brand new to lapbooking

  • Rachel

    Brand new to lapbooking! I actually had to look it tonight in between reading all the posts and giveaways, lol!! Can’t wait to start!

  • Alice

    3 years

  • cassie

    new to lapbooking. looking forward to getting started.

  • Jennifer Parkerson

    I lap booked for about 2 weeks. I want to do it more but need more direction. I’m not creative.

  • Jamie

    This is our first year lapbooking. My kids really like it!

  • Jenny Patterson

    Just started this year!

  • daniele

    we have been lapbooking for about 3 years and love it

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