Seasons at Home Magazine 2011 — The Work of Our Hands Giveaway~Four Winners

One Print Copy to Four winners of Seasons at Home Magazine 2011  — The Work of Our Hands $10 each

The Work of Our Hands will have the won­der­ful things each issue has had in the past.
Make Sim­ple Bunk Beds with the Wise Guy for the dads, The Hun­dred Acre Wood tea, Keep­ing Goats & Chick­ens (A visit to a fam­ily farm), Begin­ning Hardan­ger with a Joy­ous Note­card, Dye­ing Yarn and Rib­bon, Farm­house Foods, Liv­ing Books, Just For Boys, and how about some encour­age­ment from Amy Pak from Home­school in the Woods? She will con­tribute a great project from her Indus­trial Rev­o­lu­tion Time Trav­eler, plus more! 44–48 pgs.

231 thoughts on “Seasons at Home Magazine 2011 — The Work of Our Hands Giveaway~Four Winners

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