So, you have been wondering about our DigiFolios line of products.  You want to try it, but are unsure if it will work for your family.  Well, have we got a deal for you!!

Five people who enter this giveaway and reply to the winning post by emailing me, will get to choose one DigiFolios product to try in their home.

Do you love the idea of lapbooks and scrapbooks but don’t like the mess? Do your children love to work and create on a computer? If so, then welcome to a new and technologically advanced way of learning…digital learning! Everything is done on the computer, but we have added a TWIST!

DigiFolios is the new lapbooking, it is the next generation in the technological advance in home education, allowing your child to have a new spin on creating an educational memory.

Learn more about DigiFolios!

The winner will get their choice of one of the products below.

America's Presidents DigiFolio

America’s Presidents DigiFolio


 Christmas DigiFolio

Christmas DigiFolio


Arrival of a King DigiFolio

Arrival of a King DigiFolio


Government and the  Election Process DigiFolio

Government and the Election Process DigiFolio


America's Greatest Documents and Speeches DigiFolio

America’s Greatest Documents and Speeches DigiFolio


Learning About Farm Animals DigiFolio

Learning About Farm Animals DigiFolio


Learning About Zoo Animals DigiFolio

Learning About Zoo Animals DigiFolio


Current Events DigiFolio

Current Events DigiFolio


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268 thoughts to “DigiFolios Giveaway!! Five Winners

  • Vickie

    Either American Government or Presidents one.

  • Dorothy

    Government and the election process would be great for this year.

  • Jen Brandes

    I would love the Government and Elections Process!

  • Shannon Wallace

    If I win, this would be my first try at lapbooks! How neat! I think we would enjoy the zoo animals. 🙂 Thanks!

  • Megan Getter

    I would love to try the Government and Election process digifolio!

  • Yavonn

    I’d love to win the “Current Events” DigiFolio! I’ve been doing lapbooking this way with my kids for years, but it’s such a hassle to get the pages into an editable format. Having one come ready to use, sounds like my dreams come true!

  • Sara

    Learning about zoo animals.

  • Shelli

    This is a great year for The Election Process! Doing this digitally will make it sooo much more appealing to my boys!

  • Shelli

    What a great year for using The Election Process!

  • Pat

    Tough Decision – one of the following would be very nice:

    American Presidents
    Government & Elections
    Current Events
    Documents and Speeches

  • Christal

    Would love to win the American Presidents DigiFolio!

  • Blessed5x

    The Gov’t & Election one looks great!

  • Kayla Arrowood

    I would love to try this one: Government and the Election Process DigiFolio

    kevinkaylaarrowood123 at yahoo dot com

  • Colleen Vukosich

    Would love to win Learning About Farm Animals.

  • Amy Simmons

    I would like to Learning about Zoo Animals!

  • Lori Vissers

    I’d love to win the American Presidents.

  • jennifer rusk-medland

    I would love to try the current events folio! My children could benefit so much from this type of a study!

  • HopiQ

    America’s Presidents

  • Nicole Hale

    We’d LOVE to win the American Presidents!!! This would be an awesome way to introduce more computer skills to my children!!! Please enter me!!!

  • Susan P

    I would love to check out the presidents one. I would also like the documents and both the animals ones! Thanks for doing this!! I will have to explore these options more.

  • Jenny Patterson

    I would love to try the one about the presidents. We will be studying them in our come curriculum soon!

  • April

    I would love to try Presidnts or current events.

  • sebrina shadler

    Presidents and current events

  • Lori Supernaw

    I would like to try the Current Events folio.

  • Sarah Avila

    The presidents one or the government and election process.

  • Carol

    I would like to try either American’s Presidents or the Election Process unit.

  • Missy

    would choose the early learning zoo anials

  • Kim

    I would pick Government and the Election Process.

  • Suzanne Ruckman

    These look great! I think we would like the presidents to start with.

  • JenniferT

    Great idea! So hard to choose which child I should gear it to but probably the Government and the Election process , though the Greatest Documents and Speeches, along with the American Presidents make it a tough choice!

  • katrina Morgan

    Greatest Documents and Speeches.

  • Jenn P

    These sound exciting! Hard to pick one but I would say the president or election process. Thanks for the chance!

  • Rani G

    I would like the Greatest Documents and Speeches.

  • Tiffany DeOs

    The Election Process and The Farm Animals

  • Whitney Lavender

    These look very neat! It would be great fun to do the government and election process with my son because he is very interested in the entire event. What a great way to teach him more about it. Thanks so much for the chance!

  • Faith H.

    Oh, so hard to choose… I like the American Presidents and the animal ones!!

  • Alycia A

    America’s Presidents would be my choice.

  • Lorie Straley

    I’m interested in the Election Process study!

  • Marie

    I will love America’s Presidents!

  • missy

    The election process

  • Sharon Normark

    I would love to win the America’s Presidents DigiFolio.

  • Cindy Alexander

    I would like the one on Presidents!

  • Lynn Spivey

    America’s Presidents!

  • Melissa

    I would like to win America’s Presidents DigiFolio

  • Glin

    I would love to win the Government Process DigiFolio. I know my little computer kids would love this new concept! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Lisa

    I think my son would LOVE this concept! Never heard of it before!

    That being said, I’d be interested in either the Government and Election Process DigiFolio or the one on America’s Greatest Documents and Speeches.

  • nikki


  • Kathy balman

    I would like the learning about farm animals.

  • Kimberly

    I would like to try the zoo animals digiFolio

  • Jo

    The Election Process

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