It’s Time To Party~VeggieTale Style

We are working hard to get together a Facebook Party VeggieTale Style.  We have over $300 worth of giveaways, and plan to have a ton of fun.

We will even have someone from VeggieTales here to talk to you.

So, come out and join us Feb. 23 at 7 pm on our Facebook Wall

If you want to get in on a little pre-party fun, join us on our Google+ hangout at 6:30 and maybe we will have a few extra prizes to hand out. Winking smile

If you have younger children that you are homeschooling, or trying to keep out of mischeif while homeschooling older children, then a VeggieTale lapbook may be just the thing to help.

Come join us next Thursday for a fun time with our favorite Veggies!!