Ten Readers will get to pick one of the Lapbooks on this page as a free download of their choice.

VeggieTales-'Twas the Night Before Easter Lapbook

How do I use the video with the lapbook?
First and most important, let your child watch the video without
interruption. Your child can begin the lapbook at any time once the
uninterrupted session of the video is complete. As you work
through the lapbook, pause the video when it gets to the subject
matter that is covered in each booklet. We make every effort to
cover the subject matter in the lapbook sequentially with the
Or, you may choose to let your child work through the lapbook
after watching the video in its entirety first. The lapbook will take
several days to complete, so you may want your child to watch the
video again before continuing with the lapbook each time. The
child that likes to watch the same video over and over may prefer
this method.
What if my child is not writing yet or does not like to write?
If your child does not write or prefers not to write, we have
answers boxes in the back of the lapbook pages that your child
can cut out and glue into the booklets. You might prefer to turn the
answer boxes into stickers by printing them on a sheet of sticker
paper. In some cases, your child can even draw the answer.

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206 thoughts to “10 -winners will get their choice of any instant download VeggieTale lapbook

  • Sarah

    I haven’t done any yet, but am interested in getting started. They look like good resources for teaching/learning.

  • Alycia A

    i have been using lapbooks off and on for about 5 years now. My girls love them!

  • April

    New to lapbooking.

  • jeanine feldkamp

    3 years

  • Heather Dempsey

    my girls love VT, I think a lapbook would be awesome todo with them!

  • Rachel NC

    We have been making lapbooks for almost 5 years now!!

  • Blessed Mama

    we have not yet… plan to do one soon 🙂

  • Stephanie

    we lap book about every 3 weeks. Great giveaways!

  • Adriana Lopez

    Started two years ago, but we stopped, now we’ll start again, we love VT!!!

  • Tawnee

    So would love to win this. We really want to try a VEggie Tale lapbook. Looks so much fun and a great way to incorporate our Veggie Tale DVDs into our Bible study. Think it sounds great.

  • Heidi

    we’ve been lapbooking for 1 1/2 years but I have loved Veggie Tales since they first came out!

  • Rebecca

    We’re working on our first lapbook right now

  • Carol Harvey

    We’ve been lapbooking off and on for about 9 years now.

  • Rachel S.

    We have done less than a handful in the 9 years we have been homeschooling, but I know my younger kids would enjoy one of these and my older kids love VT still so they might too 🙂

  • Debra

    I do not do a lot of lapbooking. Tried it 4-5 years ago and it was frustrating with my kids. Did a couple more 2-3 years ago, and those went better. I have a feeling, though that my youngest two would love it. With my older ones reactions though, I just haven’t truly tried it.

  • Brandi Leach

    If I win, this will be my son’s first lapbook!

  • Joy

    Just barely started lapbooking and looking forward to more.

  • Lynda

    I love Veggie Tails and lapbooks are great. Wonderful to see them together.

  • Christina Pitterson

    This is our second year homeschooling and our second year lapbooking!

  • Kristin

    It has been way too long since we have done a lap book, but we have done a few over the last 5 years.

  • Beth

    We are new to lapbooking

  • Kristin

    It’s been too long since we’ve done a lap book, but we have a few over the last 5 years.

  • shannon h.

    My family has enjoyed Veggie Tales for 9 years now! Am interested in seeing how the lapbooks work!

  • Tawnee

    In our second year and doing more this year than last. Yeah.

  • maren

    Hi, we’ve done a lot of lapbooks during our 5 years of homeschooling and i would love to do a Veggie tales one with my youngest son!

  • Tawnee

    Wow, this looks great. The kids would love this!

  • Kim Cree

    I’ve never done a Lapbook, my girls would love this!!

  • lillian settle

    We have been lapbooking since we started homeschooling 4 years ago. And my autistic grandson has loved Veggie Tales for a long long time.I can’t wait to do a Veggie Tales lapbook.

  • Lori Vissers

    I have been lapbooking for a couple of years.

  • Diana b.

    Can’t wait to try these!

  • Angela Upright

    We’ve not done a Veggie Tale lapbook. Can’t wait to do one though! Thanks!

  • Louann Rogers

    We love Veggie Tales too!!

  • Heather

    We’ve done lapbooks for a year

  • Heather

    We’ve just started lapbooking. And we haven’t actually made a lap book yet – just completing the activities.

  • wendy thelen

    We have never done a veggie tales lapbook before. This sounds like lots of fun though.

  • Hope

    For about a year. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Carrie Bergherm

    I’ve been lapbooking with my kids for about 2 years.

  • Susan P

    I have never done one, but have one waiting to start and have done much research. I have been very excited to do them – just need the motivation to start!

  • Juliana

    we have been lapbooking for one year, and loving it!

  • Christy

    We’ve done several throughout our schooling experience!

  • Salina

    My son likes veggie tales he’d really like this.

  • Lori

    I haven’t done a lapbook yet. I would like to try it out though.

  • kathy balman

    7 months

  • Karen

    Been Lapbooking for three years

  • Jenna D.

    I started using lapbooks a year and a half ago. I made two this week, LOL! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Jenny

    We have not done a lapbook yet, but I have a cat one ready for us in a few weeks.

  • Jade Clark

    Been lapbooking for a year… I’ve only ever done one real lapbook, though. Def wanna do more!

  • Kristina Best

    I have never done one.

  • Janice Adams

    I Love veggie Tales

  • Stephanie

    We haven’t completed one yet.

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