Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day Lapbook

Product Description

Does your student enjoy hands-on learning? Do you have a student who loves to be creative and make things his own? Have you searched high and low for a quality Christian science book for elementary kids? If so, our Flying Creatures full color lapbook is what you’ve been searching for!
The Young Explorer series by Jeannie Fulbright is the #1 science program for Christian kids. Our Flying Creatures lapbook is designed to go right along with Mrs. Fulbright’s Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day science book (Zoology 1).

About the book

In this book, your children will begin exploring the dynamics of flight and animal classification, understanding why the design we see in these incredible flying creatures points us to our Creator God. Then, get ready for the exciting adventure of learning about birds! Your children will not only learn how to attract various bird species to your yard, but will also learn to identify them by looking at their special physical characteristics, diverse nests, and interesting domestic practices. In addition, they will learn the anatomy and glorious design that enables birds to do the remarkable things that they do. The text contains actual experiments on the preferences and habits of the birds your children see. These experiments further enrich their learning experience.
After becoming amateur ornithologists, your children will explore the world of chiropterology, which is the study of bats. They will be able to intelligently share with others the value of bats in our world while exposing the misconceptions that most people have regarding these docile creatures of the night. Your children will then investigate entomology, the study of insects. They will learn to scientifically classify insects they find in their yard by a simple glance at their wings and other important characteristics. In addition to designing experiments with flies, crickets, darkling moths, and caterpillars, they will also learn how to attract and catch insects for scientific study.
After your children complete this study of Zoology, they will never view nature in the same way again. Their eyes will be open to the different species that live in their midst, and they will enjoy and understand nature to the fullest. Vacations will become educational experiences as they notice birds and insects inhabiting the areas they visit. By learning to keep a field journal, they will be able to notice unusual circumstances or sudden increases in bird or insect populations. They will become true scientists as they come to know nature and the fascinating world that God created.

How does the lapbook work?

Our Flying Creatures lapbook has one full folder of beautiful, eye-catching FULL COLOR mini-booklets for EACH chapter in Mrs. Fulbright’s book. It is very thorough and meaty and covers much of what Mrs. Fulbright’s book covers. No skimming in this lapbook!
At the top of each mini-booklet page are directions concerning the construction of your mini-booklet, pages to read from the Fulbright book (highlighted in bold text), and what your student will record in the mini-booklet after reading to show what is learned. A small key is also here to show you where to glue each mini-booklet into the folders.
Requires 14 file folders! Don’t worry! We give you a great and simple idea for storage of the lapbooks!
An answer key is included!

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  • May

    Been lapbooking for about 3 years. This book looks neat!

  • Sharon Normark

    Started lapbooking this year.

  • amber

    Just started lapbooking there is alot to learn

  • Nicole

    About a year.

  • Amber

    Have the instructor book sitting here waiting to use. This would be great!

  • Liz

    I’ve been lapbooking about for about a year now.

  • Nicolene

    I have been hom educating for 5 years

  • Shannon Wallace

    We haven’t tried lapbooking yet, but I’m getting the “itch” to give it a try!

  • Julie

    We just discovered lapbooking this year & have completed 2 so far.

  • Jessica pool

    Just this year

  • HillaryM

    We have been lapbooking for just over 2 years–love it!

  • Patti Winter

    Oh so new to lapbooking…looks like something I would enjoy, hoping myson does too.

  • Karen

    About 3 years now. This year we have been using your lapbook for the swimming creatures and it has been excelllent. Would love to win this one!

  • Kristine M.

    For 4 years. =)

  • Sarah Avila

    About 3 years

  • Jenny

    We haven’t done a lapbook yet.

  • Vickie

    We have been lap booking since last year.

  • Julie K

    We’ve been lapbooking for almost 4 years. Love it- ty for the FB party and prizes!

  • Melissa Sack

    About three years

  • Alycia A


    We LOVE lapbooking! We have done three so far since Christmas! 🙂
    i would love to get this one.

    • Alycia A

      We have been lapbooking for about 5 years now.

  • April

    New to lapbooking.

  • cheryl Baranski

    This would be a wonderful way for my son to learn. He needs things that will help him with his eye and hand coordination. It also helps to enforce the information hr needs to learn.

  • Aimee Franco

    I want to learn how to lapbook. We use Apologia and LOVE it!.

  • lisa

    a little over a year

  • Tammy

    What a fun way to make science exciting.

  • Beth

    We are new to lapbooking here

  • Christina Pitterson

    Two years lapbooking and loving it!

  • Allison

    We’ve only just started lapbooking this year.

  • Allison

    Would love to see this lapbook. My kids would probably be able to get through the book better with a lapbook. This looks fantastic!

  • Janna Pyle

    This looks like fun. Wish I could post on the AJTL wall at the party though. For some reason it won’t let me.



  • Hope

    about a year

  • jeanine feldkamp

    almost 6 years

  • kathy balman

    7 months

  • Misty

    We have not done any lapbooks. So we are new to them. Can’t wait to try them

  • chris

    just started

  • chris

    just starting

  • Chrissy

    Never on our own! Fun!!

  • Lori Vissers

    I’ve been lapbooking for a couple of years.

  • Heidi

    Just starting, this is fun!

  • GA

    I hope its Apologia!

  • Leslie

    We’ve done lapbooks for about 3 years. I especially love them as a way to spice up our school year!!

  • Karen

    Three Three Three

  • Stephanie

    We are just starting.

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