The Big, Humongous, Pre-Convention Lapbook Giveaway~Five Winners will get their choice

Well, we want to help those of you headed out to the next round of conventions, get a little lapbook happy.  What better way than to have a BIG giveaway?

This giveaway is going to be short though, so, if you want to get entered, do it now.  This giveaway ends Thursday at 11:59 pm.  Yes, it is just over 24 hours long.  If, we can bump up over 2850 Facebook fans, and have a lot of entries, I might be able to talk the bosses into another big huge Great, Best of the BEST giveaways again soon…

Also, just a little teaser, but you will want to keep an eye out on our Facebook Page, because I am working on something BIG for the end of this month…the end of the month is not THAT far away.  

Today’s giveaway though, is for FIVE Winners, and they each get to choose their choice of a download only product or products totaling $20. 

Follow the directions in the entry box below and let’s get a little Pre-Convention Party going!!  Don’t forget to come see us in Memphis this weekend or Alaska next week!!

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