Well, we want to help those of you headed out to the next round of conventions, get a little lapbook happy.  What better way than to have a BIG giveaway?

This giveaway is going to be short though, so, if you want to get entered, do it now.  This giveaway ends Thursday at 11:59 pm.  Yes, it is just over 24 hours long.  If, we can bump up over 2850 Facebook fans, and have a lot of entries, I might be able to talk the bosses into another big huge Great, Best of the BEST giveaways again soon…

Also, just a little teaser, but you will want to keep an eye out on our Facebook Page, because I am working on something BIG for the end of this month…the end of the month is not THAT far away.  

Today’s giveaway though, is for FIVE Winners, and they each get to choose their choice of a download only product or products totaling $20. 

Follow the directions in the entry box below and let’s get a little Pre-Convention Party going!!  Don’t forget to come see us in Memphis this weekend or Alaska next week!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

408 thoughts to “The Big, Humongous, Pre-Convention Lapbook Giveaway~Five Winners will get their choice

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  • Rachel NC

    We having been making lapbooks/notebook-hybrids for almost 6 years now!!

  • Tracy

    We’ve been lapbooking for about 2 years now. The kids love it!

  • Amber

    We adore doing lapbooks and what better then a really good one that is won for free 🙂

  • Tammy

    I left a comment before but I don’t see it. Anyways, We recently started homeschooling and would love to do a lapbook.

  • Naomi

    Just starting lapbooking.

  • Kori McWhorter

    I will began homeschooling in the fall of 2011-2012. The lapbook resources look awesome and I can’t wait to try them out.

  • Edith K

    I have been using lapbooks in our homeschool for about a year. I have also used them in our Keepers of the Faith meetings at my church.

  • Jackie Stokes

    Been lapbooking for 4 years. Great way to do unit studies

  • Heidi Ha

    We’ve been homeschooling for four years, and we have been lapbooking for about a year.

  • mommygk3

    We’ve been lapbooking for about 4 or so years now and love it! I just finished up a bird lapbook with some kids at church who’ve never lapbooked before and they loved it! Working on a pirate lapbook right now!

  • Joesette

    We’ve been lapbooking off and on for the last 2 years. This year we’ll be doing lots of unit studies and the majority of our history will be in lapbook form.

  • Amy Berry

    Yay! We love lap booking!!

  • April N

    We just did our very first lap book last week!

  • Nordyke Academy

    We have been doing Lapbooking for 4 years now & we love it !!

  • Julie

    We have been lapbooking for a year, but look out next year!!! 🙂

  • Denise

    I haven’t done any lapbooking with kids, but would like to

  • Angelina

    We love lapbooks!

  • jenn wilmer

    Sounds like a great giveaway!

  • SaraElizabeth

    My son loves making lapbooks 🙂

  • lisa fox

    Totally new to it but DD loves it.

  • Sara

    I am a lapbooking newbie!

  • Allison

    We haven’t started lapbooking yet – baby is just a couple of months old. We are lookin forward to it in years to come, though.

  • Jennifer

    I love lapbooking!

  • Lindsey

    We have only done a couple lapbooks, but my children love doing them.

  • Connie Jean

    We love lapbooks here! Have been homeschooling since 2007 and have two kiddos. Love it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Helen Red

    I’ve just made 2, but love it.

  • Beata

    We like making lapbooks. We used some of the JTL -they are great!!! There is always room for more in our house 🙂

  • Carrie Card

    Yay for lapbooks!

  • Carrie Card

    We love your lapbooks! Have been using them for a while now! Keep up the great work~~

  • hailey

    We’re still fairly new to both homeschooling and lapbooking. I would say about 1 1/2 years!!

  • Pamela Walters

    We have been using lapbooks in social studies and this year have started using the science lap books as well. The kids love them.

  • kathie

    We love lapbooks we’ve completed 4!

  • Lisa

    This is our 4th year with lapbooks, but only one a year : )

  • Lisa

    Love the finished products!

  • Heidi

    Just started lap booking!

  • Michelle

    Love lapbooking! It makes me think I’m being creative – LOL. My children get their creativity and crafting needs taken care of in an educational way. I enjoy the things we are learning together.

  • Susan

    We have only been lapbooking for 1 summer, but we plan to due more in a few weeks. Starting with American Girl!

  • Angela Breeden

    I have never really done a lap book but it is something I would like to try with my kiddos!

  • Penny B

    We have been lapbooking for about 2 months now and our two boys (8 & 6) LOVE it!! It has made a huge difference in our homeschooling.

  • judi

    I’ve been trying to figure out lapbooking for a couple of years now. We haven’t actually completed one yet but they’ve made some fun mini-books along the way.

  • Kim Gilbertson

    I have been homeschooling 17 years now. We have recently begun using lapbooks with my youngest (9) who is a struggling reader. Lapbooks help him internalize the info without all the reading.

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