Do you have boys?  Do you often wonder why they do that? and What should YOU do about it?

Then Raising Real Men Surviving, Teaching and Appreciating Boys is for you.  Tonight, two moms will win their own book!!

A Practical Guide to Equipping the Hearts and Minds of Boys without Losing or Breaking Your Own

If this is God’s chosen gift to us, then why does it seem so hard? How can we prepare these boys to serve God when we can barely make it through the day? Isn’t there a better way?

The answer is yes.

This book is AWESOME, as an only child with three boys, I often am lost and wonder if we will survive this, and well…this book has helped me appreciate my boys.

Please also like them on Facebook for daily doses of encouragement.  You can also take advantage of asking your boy questions on their wall.

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193 thoughts to “Mother’s Day Tea Giveaway #2 Raising Real Men Surviving Teaching and Appreciating Boys

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  • Rogue

    nice!I think training them while they are still young will mold them to be a good person. I have auntie who have five sons, and they are now professionals.

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  • Rachel

    Keeping up with him! He is wide open all the time!

  • Sheryl Hesseltine

    The hardest part of raising my boy is trying to understand his way of thinking. He is different from me in so many ways, yet so similar. It gets really frustrating at times. I LOVE my son! I think the little Facebook about boys being “dirt with noise on it” would sum it up, except that he runs around spewing information like an encyclopedia (he’s ASD). Gotaa love the kids! 🙂

  • Cheryl Baranski

    Trying to make them understand why one is displined one way and not another.

  • Kala

    Getting them to calm down and LISTEN

  • Stephanie@Bowmania

    biggest challenge…… they break things!

  • Karyn H.

    Their noise and their bodily noises.

  • Katherine Aitken

    My biggest challenge is getting my 4 boys to appreciate one another and look out for each other instead of their own desires!

  • Andrea Padgett

    My biggest challenge is my special needs son and trying to have the wisdom to lead him in the right direction. And all that energy!!!

  • Anna

    I have 4 boys (and 1 girl). My biggest challenge is their energy levels.

  • Marie

    I am the oldest of four girls and keeping up with my two boys can get a bit overwhelming sometimes… so much energy, imagination, motivation sometimes gets hard. 🙁

  • Julie

    Dealing with his desire to be IN CHARGE of everyone and everything! Maybe this means he will be a strong leader later, but for now it’s making me crazy! lol

  • lillian settle

    The hardest thing about raising my boy is that he may be special needs child but in some ways he is just like most boys at 13 years old. But he does not have the ability to understand all of the changes his body is going through.

  • Sarah Avila

    It was just me and my sister growing up, so I’m just not used to how loud, energetic and mess boys are. Oh and all their horse play with each other!

  • jill

    My biggest challenge is the “adventures” that they have and not being too overprotective.

  • Julie

    Understanding what is “normal” boy behavior. I only had a sister, so all of this boy stuff is new to me!

  • Betty

    Just trying to keep up with them. I love them lots though.

  • Stephanie

    Remembering they need adventure and some danger.

  • Betty

    My biggest challenge in raising boys is they are always on the go and are always inventing new and adventurous things to do. Oh, and I can never keep jeans without holes in them.

  • Sherry

    Getting them to get along with one another.

  • Lori Vissers

    What is your biggest challenge raising boys? Their energy level and eating habits.

  • Carisue

    I think keeping in mind that they are much more rough and physical. They really learn through doing.

  • Mayra

    I would have to say training in daily chores and habits is my biggest challenge with my boy.

  • Lori TenHaken

    My biggest challenge is n
    ot understanding why they do the things they do sometimes…Blows my mind.

  • Jennifer Allen

    I think the hardest thing about boys is not feeling like anyone in the house “gets” the emotions of women. LOL!

  • Sarah Bailey

    Keeping up with their energy and making sure he turns into a Godly man and not a feminized, worldly version of a man

  • Amanda

    Always looking for great tools;)

  • Laurie

    My biggest challenge is understanding how they think so differently. My husband is deceased so I don’t have that help.

  • cora

    I just love my son!!

  • Kelli A.

    My biggest challenge is knowing how to school our first son as he learns at a different pace than his two older sisters.

  • BlessedCP

    I love my boys! anything I can learn to help them become the men God has called them to be, I am all for it!

    • BlessedCP

      I forgot to list my biggest challenge is motivating them.

  • Marla

    Not squelching his adventuresome spirit.

  • kathy balman

    he is stubborn as a mule

  • Jenn

    My biggest challenge is trying to relate to him.

  • Kimberly

    I have no idea what they are thinking. And they are messy! :O

  • Sara

    I think my biggest challenge is nurturing his curiosity and independence without fearing he is going to get hurt.

  • Shannon Thompson

    My little man is such a busy body but I love it. He is a precious gift!!

  • Jessica Pool

    I have 1 boy and 3.5 girls…. He has way more energy than all the girls….

  • Heather Cook

    The biggest challenge is keeping the laundry caught up and stain free 😉

  • Cassie Bartholomew

    I don’t have boys, but I want to win this for my sister in law who is raising 3 boys by herself. I tihnk the hardest thing for her is just being their mom and dad.

  • vivian

    i love raising boy i hope Gods hand will be with me the rest of the way

  • Kristina Best

    My biggest challenge is knowing how to relate to them. They are on full blast all the time.

  • heather ellis

    My biggest challenge is keeping up with my boy! He is all go and all energy, more than this pregnant momma has in her some days!

  • judi

    My biggest challenge in raising boys is dealing with all of the dirt and noise! It can become overwhelming at times.

  • Amanda Day

    Boys are on the go go go! And boys will be boys!

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