Mother’s Day Tea Giveaway #4 Hero Tales from Raising Real Men

Hero Tales are audio books read with sound effects and acting that shames most read alouds.

When the book Hero Tales from American History was first published in 1895, Henry Cabot Lodge got top billing over co-author Theodore Roosevelt. Although both men were Harvard graduates with established records of historical and biographical books, at that time Lodge was the more prominent of the two—a Ph.D serving in the U.S. Senate after three terms in the House. Roosevelt had served short terms in the New York General Assembly and the federal Civil Service Commission, but his meteoric rise from the New York governor’s office to the White House (with a brief visit to San Juan Hill, Puerto Rico) were still in his future. So in 1895, Senator Lodge is credited first.

I can’t put into words, how great these are.  My boys love them, of course, if there is boy type behavior, noses and such, my boys are nuts over them.  So, boys LOVE these. 

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