Summer Lapbooking

Summer is a great time to start your lapbooking journey.


Because many of us, either take a break from school, or we reduce the amount of school we are doing.  This frees up some time to learn to utilize lapbooks.  It gives our children something to do on those rainy days, or so stinking hot it is not really fit to be outside.  It can break the summer boredom patterns too.

Some ways to utilize lapbooks during these hot months:Abbey Lapbooking (1)

  • Review a some concepts taught from last year
  • Introduce some new concepts that will help make the next year a little easier
  • Use our blank templates to have children lapbook through vacation, gardening, and more.
  • Help younger children get a head start in reading by using one of our literature lapbooks
  • Do a lapbook to help gain excitement in science or history topics you will be studying in depth next year.
  • Do one of our Bible Lapbooks to help review some of the verses and Bible stories you have covered.
  • Train an older child to lapbook with a younger child, to give you more time to work with another child.
  • Enjoy a Staycation traveling the world with one or two or more of our Geography Lapbooks
  • Practice and Review math facts with our math lapbooks

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to lapbook through the summer to help keep those skills learned last year tuned up.

What lapbook would you like to work through this summer?

Here is a special to help you stock up on Lapbooks:

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