FREEBIES Galore! Valentine’s, President’s, and St. Patrick’s Day Resources

Do you enjoy finding freebies for your homeschooling?

We have several great freebies just for you!

Freebie #1

Valentine’s Day Cards and Coupons
You can print these cute cards and coupons on regular paper or cardstock to share with family and friends.

We have other fun activities for Valentine’s Day available for sale:

Valentine’s Day Lapbook with Study Guide

Valentine’s Day Copywork (Print)

Valentine’s Day Copywork (Cursive)



Freebie #2

President’s Day Symbol Cards and Pledges

Check out our full line of President’s Day Resources for sale…

George Washington Lapbook with Study Guide

America’s President’s Lapbook with Study Guide

Presidential Pocket Games Lapbook

Presidents Notebooking Pages

And More…



Freebie #3

Chinese New Year Games and Symbol Activities

We have a great deal on our Chinese New Year Express for sale:

Chinese New Year Express Lapbook (Only $1.00!)








Freebie #4

St. Patrick’s Day Copywork and Jokes

Check out our other St. Patrick’s Day resources available for sale:

St. Patrick’s Day Lapbook and Study Guide






Have you seen our new Express titles yet available for only $1 each? They are quick lapbook projects which are compiled in ONE folder. You get a complete lapbook with template that includes coloring pages, craft ideas, and games.

Visit us on Pinterest for more great resources, activities and crafts to compliment our lapbook studies.

Blessings and Happy Homeschooling!
Paula and Nancy


  1. Joy Slater says

    What I would like best about having a reader is being able to share it with others in my household.

  2. Krista Delaney says

    We have a kindle and an iPad and we love being able to read our favorite books in digital copy. The problem is we now have more readers than e-readers in our family. A very good problem to have!

  3. Cristie Cerniglia says

    I don’t understand how to access these for free? When I click on them it puts them in my cart and charges me for them? What am I doing wrong?