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We have several great specials lined up for you this month.

$5 Lapbook of the Month (digital download)

Fourth of July Patriotic Pack

Fourth of July Patriotic Pack

Celebrate the Fourth of July with this 2-folder lapbook. It teaches your child about the beginning of our country, starting with westward expansion, the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution. Then your child will learn about the fun side of the Fourth of July- Baseball, Fireworks, Parades, The Liberty Bell, Uncle Sam and much more! There is even a page for your child to draw his/her own fireworks!! Comes with a study guide page for each topic! No need to research the info yourself.

Print and Cursive Copywork- Calling all patriots! Read and write some of the best patriotic quotes ever said! Over 50 quotes and sayings that portray the love and honor of many who agree there is no country like our country-America!

$5 Lapbook Special (digital download)

Learning About Diabetes

Learning About Diabetes Lapbook with Study Guide

Learn about the three types of diabetes in an engaging hands-on way!

Topics include:

  • Diabetes Overview
  • Types of Diabetes
  • Symptoms Of Diabetes
  • Living With Diabetes
  • My Dreams for the Future
  • Insulin Injections
  • Home Blood Sugar Testing
  • Diet and Exercise
  • Tests and Check-ups
  • Complications of Diabetes
  • Design a T-shirt for the The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
  • Write a Letter to a Friend

$2 Lapbook Special (digital download)

Epilepsy Learning Lapbook with Study Guide

This lapbook, written by a nurse and mother of a child with Epilepsy, is a one-folder lapbook, yet it contains an extensive study guide about Epilepsy.

Table of Contents:

  • Epilepsy Overview
  • Neurological Testing
  • Seizures
  • Complications and Status Epilepticus
  • Generalized Seizures
  • Focal Seizures
  • Simple Focal Seizures
  • Complex Focal Seizures
  • Daily Life with Epilepsy
  • Testing Epilepsy with Medication
  • Seizure First Aid
  • Generalized Seizures
  • Complex Partial Seizures
  • Simple Complex Seizures
  • When to Call 911

50% Off Five Science Titles! (digital downloads)

Are you looking for a few fun topics to explore this summer?

We have FIVE great Learning Lapbooks with Study Guides that are priced 50% off in June! This sale applies to digital downloads only.

Use Discount Code:

Ocean Animals

Learn all about animals that live in the ocean with this lapbook and study guide!

Topics include:

  • Welcome to the Ocean
  • My K-W-L Cards
  • Animals that Live Right by the Ocean
  • What is Coral Reef?
  • What Predators Live in the Coral Reef?
  • What is a Jellyfish and Does it Sting?
  • What is a Sea Turtle and How Many Times Can it Cross an Ocean?
  • What is a Dolphin and is it really Intelligent?
  • What is a Squid and is it really of a Monstrous Size?
  • What is a Squid and how does it use its Sword?
  • What is a Marlin and does it really Weigh a Ton?
  • What is a Manta Ray and will it really come to Greet You?
  • What is a Wahoo and can it Swim as Fast as a Car can Go?
  • My Ocean Animal Cards
  • What is a Killer Whale and will it really Kill You?
  • What is a Humpback Whale and does it have Fingerprints Similar to Humans?
  • What is a Black Tip Reef Shark and where are its Black Tips?
  • What is my Favorite Ocean Animal?
  • The Oddest Ocean Animal I Learned About!
  • A Book That I have Read about Ocean Animals!

50% Off (digital download)! Ocean Animals Learning Lapbook with Study Guide


Topics Include:

  • What is a reptile?
  • What defenses do they have in order to survive?
  • What do reptiles eat when they get hungry?
  • Just how strange are chameleons?
  • Do you want to know about venomous and non-venomous snakes, crocs, turtles, lizards?
  • What is the a food chain and where do reptiles fit on the food chain?
  • And More!

50% Off (digital download)! Reptiles Lapbook with Study Guide


Topics Include:

  • What is an amphibian?
  • What defenses do they have in order to survive?
  • What about the amazing world of tadpoles?
  • Are there differences between frogs and toads?
  • What are salamanders?
  • What are caecilians and do we ever see them?
  • And More!

50% Off (Digital Download) Amphibians Learning Lapbook with Study Guide


Topics include:

  • Volcanoes and the Puzzle-Piece Earth
  • Anatomy of a Volcano
  • Dead, Alive, or Just Sleeping
  • Types of Eruptions
  • Types of Volcanoes
  • Volcanology
  • The Ring of Fire
  • Famous Eruptions: Vesuvius
  • Famous Eruptions: Mount St. Helens
  • Famous Eruptions: Tambora
  • Famous Eruptions: Krakatoa

50% Off (Digital Download)! Exploring Volcanoes Learning Lapbook with Study Guide


Dinosaurs! They are so exciting to learn about yet there are few Christian based resources available about dinosaurs. This lapbook and study guide from A Journey Through Learning does not mention millions of years, evolution or that man and dinosaur did not live together.

Topics include:

  • How Many Dinosaur Species are There?
  • How are Dinosaurs Named?
  • Which Dinosaur is the Biggest?
  • Which Dinosaur is the Smallest?
  • What was the Speed of Dinosaurs?
  • Were they Social Creatures?
  • Did they Communicate?
  • What is a Reptile?
  • Where did Dinosaurs Live?
  • What is an Herbivore?
  • A Carnivore?
  • What are the 5 Suborders of Dinosaurs?
  • What are Sauropods
  • What are Theropods?
  • What are Ornithopods?
  • What are Thyreopods?
  • What are Marginocephalias?
  • Dinosaur Coloring Cards
  • What Happened to the Dinosaurs
  • And more!

50% Off (Digital Download)! Dinosaurs Learning Lapbook with Study Guide

All of our Learning Lapbook with Study Guides are complete with pictures and provides all the research and answers you will need to fill out the booklets in your lapbooks. We also have an easy-to use, color-coded layout of how to put your lapbooks together and where to place the booklets.

You can select any of these FIVE science lapbooks above for 50% off the digital download. Simply add these to your cart at the A Journey Through Learning Store and use the discount code:

This offer is good through midnight (CST) June 30th . This sale applies to instant downloads only and cannot be used on CD, printed, or assembled items.

Happy Summer!