Fileccia College Prep Homeschool 2013-2014


Well, it is that time of year again! This year marks several milestones for our family. My oldest daughter, Lindsey, is entering her senior year of college in pre-med. It is with her 15 years ago that our homeschooling journey began when she was in the 2nd grade! Lauren will be a junior, and my baby boy is entering into middle school. This marks the first time that I don’t have an elementary student! I have officially passed the point of silly art days, wrapping up as mummies, and exploring the backyard! Looking back, it seems so hard to believe that we have come so far. What started out as pure fear, has ended up being one of my greatest accomplishments in life. I am so thankful that we decided to take this path. It has not always been “fun” but it has been worth it! I would not change one thing about homeschooling. Even our “failures” were done together. Another change this year is the way we “do” school. We have always had a “school” room. I am one of “those” moms! I loved the write-on boards, bulletin boards, and individual child area. But, I lost my schoolroom to Lindsey, who at 20, wished to have her own private area. So, I had to rethink how we have would start this new year. I decided to clean out my kitchen desk and give that area to Cameron. It is set in a small hallway and away from the distractions of the downstairs. Yet, it would allow him to be near to me.

We are a Classical Conversations family. Lauren will be doing Challenge II, and Cameron is in his last year of Foundations and Essentials. In addition to CC he will be doing Saxon 7/6 math, Switched-On Schoolhouse Science, Sequential Spelling, and Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries for history. To keep him organized and on track, I purchased 4 plastic magazine holders. There is one for each subject. This allows him to work “through” the holder. Remember, he is a “boy!” He knows that if there is still a book or notebook in the holder, then he is NOT done with the subject.

desk 2

Above him is a write-on calendar. This is where we keep track of our crazy month! On the right side of him is another write-on calendar. This one is ONLY a week. Every Sunday afternoon, I write out his weekly assignments.

desk 3

As he completes the assignment, he then erases it. Again, he is a boy! We have to have checks and balances to keep him on track!

moms books

Lastly is MY bin. This is a wonderful storage container that I purchased at Staples Office supplies. I love that it holds ALL of my teachers manuals! Even though I no longer have my little decorated schoolroom, I am very happy with our new arrangement.

So what about you? What does your homeschool set-up look like this year?

Happy Homeschooling!
Nancy Fileccia