Classical Conversations – Cycle 1-Lapbooks to Enhance Learning

Classical Conversations

Classical Conversations

Classical Conversations is a popular educational choice for homeschoolers. Many families love the in-depth studies and the structure provided by the CC program. We’ve designed a whole line of products to go along with the cycles of CC education and to add a creative element to your Classical Conversations studies.

Lapbooks- You do not need any additional Classical Conversations resources to do the lapbooks. The information is built in to the study guides – unless otherwise noted in the description.

Activity Books and Binder-Builders- You WILL need the Classical Conversations teaching manual to do these, as noted in the description.

Using lapbooks to enhance learning with your Classical Conversations topics will help your students to enjoy using creativity in their daily learning, help them review and learn the information required of them, and give them a finished product to be proud of! The finished lapbooks also make a wonderful tool for review.

 Sample pages: 

Fish Vertebrate Lapbook    Fish - Vertebrates - sample pages

FishFoundationsSample.pdf (3)FishFoundationsSample.pdf (2)FishFoundationsSample.pdf (1)

 Classical Conversations Lapbooking Titles for Cycle 1

 Reptiles, Mammals, Plants, Volcanoes, CanadaFine Arts, Old Testament, Kingdom Animalia, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Mesoamerica, Canada Story Starters, South America, Egypt, China, Africa, American Indians, Ancient Egypt, Classification, Fish, Birds


It is not required that you use Classical Conversations program in order to use the lapbooks – but these lapbooks are created to go with and enhance the Cycle 1 Classical Conversations subject matter.

Try lapbooking today to encourage hands on learning in your family homeschool!


Check out the Classical Conversations lapbook – perfect for Earth Day!

The Earth Lapbook for Foundations--8.00

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