Free History Video Classes by Us!

Nancy Video Classes

Do you have elementary age children? Do you want them to have fun learning a little history? Look no further because we have been working hard to bring some fun classes to you for FREE. Our own Nancy Fileccia will be doing video classes online for your children to watch and learn! She will be teach a history lesson each week using visual aids. Also included is crafts, maps, coloring pages, memory cards, timeline, and more. All of the material used will be free for you to download.

Click here!

First class is Christopher Columbus at 9am Pacific on November 10th (10am Mountain, ´╗┐11am ´╗┐Central, 12pm Eastern)

Week 2- Pilgrims
Week 3-Colonies
Week 4-American Revolution
Week 5-Documents that Changed America
Week 6- Louisiana Purchase

We will announce classes 7-12 later.

Don’t forget to tell your friends and groups about this amazing opportunity. No strings attached. Sponsored by HECOA.