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A is for Astronomy!

Do you love to study astronomy with your children?

Astronomy Day is coming up next Saturday, May 10th!

To celebrate, we have several lapbooks on sale for Astronomy Day. From May 1-12th, you can take 30% Off select digital lapbook downloads! Simply use code STARS30 in our A Journey Through Learning Store!

Astronomy Lapbooks

Titles included in this sale:
Astronomy and Space
The Weather
Exploring Space

Astronomy, Space, Lapbooks

Space-there’s nothing like it! All kids love to study about that vast area of planets, stars and the moon! Why not do it in a fun, hands-on way!

Topics covered:

  • What makes a planet a planet?
  • What exactly is the Solar System?
  • What makes day and night?
  • Just how large is the Universe and what does it contain?
  • Do you know how many stars you can see at a time?
  • Do stars really twinkle?
  • Do stars go away during the daytime?
  • Do you know what it takes to become an astronaut?
  • What do comets have that we can see?
  • What are asteroids made of?
  • Why is the moon lopsided?
  • Who were the astronauts that went to the moon?
  • What is the telescope that circles the Earth?
  • What was that light you saw soar across the sky?
  • Are rockets more powerful than a car?
  • What are the phases of the moon?
  • Would you like to learn about each individual planet?
  • Why isn’t Pluto considered a planet anymore?

Learn the answers to these questions and lots more! This 3-folder lapbook project (76 pages) comes with a study guide so that each booklet can be done without further research. You can check out sample pages at our AJTL store! From May 1-12th, you can take 30% Off this digital download version with code STARS30 in the AJTL store!

astronomy, space, lapbooks

Explore what life is like in space.

Topics include:

  • Astronauts
  • Space Suits
  • International Space Station
  • Space Stations
  • Apollo Program
  • First Man on the Moon
  • Rockets
  • Satellites
  • Food in Space
  • and more!

Learn all about these topics through a fun hands-on lapbook project! This 2-folder lapbook project (38 pages) comes with a helpful study guide. You can check out sample pages at our AJTL store! From May 1-12th, you can take 30% Off this digital download version with code STARS30 in the AJTL store!


Learn about the basics of weather with our mini lapbook with copywork.

Topics Include:

  • What is a Meteorologist?
  • Make a Rain Gauge
  • The Water Cycle
  • Water Cycle Activity
  • What are Clouds?
  • What are Cirrus Clouds?
  • What are Stratus Clouds?
  • What are Cumulus Clouds?
  • What are Nimbus Clouds?
  • Write a Cloud Poem
  • What are Cirrostratus Clouds?
  • What are Cirrocumulus Clouds?
  • What are Altostratus Clouds?
  • What are Stratocumulus Clouds?
  • What are Nimbostratus Clouds?
  • What are Cumulonimbus Clouds?
  • Draw the Different Clouds
  • Let’s Make the Clouds
  • Painting with Clouds
  • What are Rainbows?
  • Color the Rainbow
  • What are Tornadoes?
  • Let’s Make a Tornado
  • Tornado in a Jar
  • What are Hurricanes?
  • What is Hurricane Season?
  • Hurricane Disaster Plan
  • Let’s Make a Hurricane Disaster Box
  • Let’s Make a Pet Emergency Box
  • What is Lightning?
  • Creating Lightning
  • Make Mouth Lightning
  • What is Wind?
  • Make Wind Chimes
  • What are Tsunamis?
  • Write “tsunami” in Japanese

Learn all about these topics through a fun hands-on lapbook project! This one-folder mini lapbook project (52 pages) comes with a helpful study guide. You can check out sample pages at our AJTL store! From May 1-12th, you can take 30% Off this digital download version with code STARS30 in the AJTL store!

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Happy Homeschooling!

Earth Day Sale! 30% Off Selected Lapbooks!

We are having a sale for Earth Day!

You can take 30% Off Selected Learning Lapbooks below (digital downloads)!

Simply use the discount code EARTH30 at the A Journey Through Learning store!

Earth Lapbook

Learn All About:

  • the Earth
  • what the Earth is made of
  • the Earth’s crust
  • sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks
  • the Earth’s 4 spheres-lithosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, and atmosphere
  • how the Earth moves
  • the days and the seasons
  • parts of the Earth
  • landforms-continents, mountains, valleys, and plains
  • how mountains are formed
  • the atmosphere
  • the water cycle
  • ocean zones- photic, abyssal, disphotic, hadal
  • the ocean floor
  • continental margin
  • continental shelf
  • abyssal plain
  • ocean trenches
  • and volcanoes

View Sample Pages and Buy Now

Earth Day

The Earth is pretty, isn’t it? Think about our majestic mountains, flowing rivers, luscious green forests. Everything in nature is a delight to our eyes. It provides a home not only for humans but for animals and plants as well. We should do our best to take care if it. Learn about our earth, the things we do that harms it, and things we can do to take care of it.

View Sample Pages and Buy Now


Discover the different kinds of pollution, where pollution occurs, climate changes pollution causes, ways to make society safer and less polluted, and how you can help.

View Sample Pages and Buy Now

Don’t miss the opportunity to take 30% Off these selected Learning Lapbooks (digital downloads)!

Just use the discount code EARTH30 at the A Journey Through Learning store! Remember, this sale ends April 25th.

What educational Earth Day activities are you working on this week?

Goldtown Adventures (Books 3 & 4) and 2 AJTL Lapbooks are Free Today!

Hello, friends! We have several wonderful freebies to share with you!

Canyon of Danger and River of Peril in the Goldtown Adventures series (digital version) are FREE TODAY (4/14)!


Just click on the images below to find the download links.

Canyon of Danger

Jem couldn’t be more excited. Pa must escort a prisoner to Sacramento, and he’s left the ranch in Jem’s care. How hard can it be to look after a couple dozen beef cattle and a few chickens? But Jem soon discovers that being “man of the family” is not how he imagined it. Everything goes wrong. A wolf threatens the herd, and an injured stranger invades the Coulter family’s lives. Then Jem’s horse goes missing, along with Pa’s good rifle . . . stolen right out from under Jem’s nose. Goldtown’s bungling miners-turned-deputies are no help. They have their hands full with the disorder and rowdiness the sheriff’s absence has sparked. Jem won’t let his father down. He’ll do anything to recover his family’s stolen property—even venture into a canyon filled with unexpected danger.

Canyon of Danger


A visit to Sacramento should be the trip of a lifetime for Jem and his family. But something’s not right. Jem’s fears are realized when the stagecoach is held up. Highwaymen calling themselves the Knights of the Golden Circle haul away a strongbox of gold. So, why isn’t Sheriff Coulter upset over the robbery? The answer turns Jem’s carefree city holiday upside down. While exploring the river wharf and enjoying a tour of a paddlewheel steamboat—courtesy of a new friend—Jem, Nathan, and Ellie stumble across a dangerous smuggling operation. Then the bandits show up, and Ellie disappears. With Pa off on business and Aunt Rose worried sick, Jem must use all his wits to find and rescue his sister before the side-wheeler steams downriver and out of reach.

River of Peril

These two titles are FREE TODAY ONLY (4/14). If you miss this freebie, you can pick them up on sale from April 15-18th for $1.99.

We have two more fabulous freebies for you!

A Journey Through Learning has teamed up with author Susan K. Marlow to offer learning lapbooks for the Goldtown Adventures! Through April 18th you can download TWO FREE full-size lapbooks (digital downloads) for this series!

Canyon of Danger Learning Lapbook

River of Peril Learning Lapbook

Feel free to share these freebies (via this blog post) with your friends! Please do not link directly to the lapbook files. We ask that you help us spread the word by sharing this blog post. Thank you!

Be sure to stop by the Goldtown Adventures website and pick up FREE Study Guides to correspond with the books!

You can visit the A Journey Through Learning store to check out more learning lapbooks that correspond with Circle C Adventures titles by Susan K. Marlow!

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Enjoying the 2014 World’s Best Roadschool Convention!

Have you ever dreamed of loading your family up in an RV and traveling full-time?


Paula and Nancy are having a blast at the 2014 World’s Best Roadschool Convention hosted by Kimberly Travaglino of Fulltime Families and Mary Beth Goff of Road Trip Teacher. Kimberly and Mary Beth host Roadschool Moms!

p and n

They are besties and love to travel together to encourage families!


Paula and Nancy did a little sightseeing at Mt. Lemmon on the way to the convention. They love traveling in sunny Arizona!


Paula and Nancy set up the A Journey Through Learning booth at the World’s Best Roadschool Convention. Lapbooking is a fitting educational style for busy roadschooling families. You can choose from our many titles for brief (1-2 days) or lengthy (1 month) studies. Most of our lapbooks contain study guides so you can dive right in hands-on learning!

Nancy is also launching her new book More Than A Memory: The Candace Kate Story at the convention. It is now available in both print and e-book formats.

Are you a roadschooling family? We would love to hear from you!

March Specials! Spring, St. Patrick’s Day, and More!

Happy March, friends! Spring is coming!

If you live in an area impacted by this year’s extreme winter weather, you know what a joy the arrival of spring brings! Get ready for springtime by adding a hands-on lapbook project to your homeschooling activities.

We have two specials in March to share with you!

March Spring 500x500

During the month of March, you can take 25% Off our popular Spring Lapbook with Study Guide. Use discount code MARCH25 when you check out at the A Journey Through Learning store!


Get into the joys and blessings of spring with our Spring Lapbook with Study Guide!

Topics include:

  • What is Spring?
  • How Do We Know When Spring Has Arrived?
  • Spring Holidays
  • Spring Babies
  • Spring Equinox
  • Arbor Day
  • A Butterfly Garden
  • Flower Buds
  • Flower Parts
  • Plant Parts
  • Rainbows
  • Honey Bees
  • Kites
  • Rain Cycle
  • Spring Jokes
  • Spring Word Search
  • and more!

This 3-folder lapbook comes with a study and assembly guide. You can preview sample pages at this link.

Our second special is just in time for St. Patrick’s Day!

March St. Patrick 500x500

During the month of March, you can take 25% Off our St. Patrick’s Day Lapbook with Study Guide. Use discount code MARCH25 when you check out at the A Journey Through Learning store!


Learn all about Ireland and also some about St. Patrick and St. Patrick’s Day!

Topics include:

  • Ireland Geography
  • Who was St. Patrick?
  • The Celts
  • The Potato Famine
  • Irish Music and Dance
  • Castles
  • How Ireland Got Its Name
  • Kissing the Blarney Stone
  • Leprechauns
  • Gaelic Football
  • Hurling
  • The Wearing of Green
  • and much more!

This 3-folder lapbook includes a study and assembly guide. You can check out samples at this link.

Come join us at our A Journey Through Learning Facebook community and let us know what fun things you are doing for Spring and St. Patrick’s Day!

Stay tuned to our blog and social media for our upcoming Math resource sale to celebrate Pi Day!

Blessings and Happy Spring!

Join Us At Teach Them Diligently!


We are pleased to announce Nancy Fileccia, co-owner of A Journey Through Learning, is speaking at two Teach Them Diligently events this year! We would like to invite you to attend one of these wonderful conventions! Nancy will be specifically speaking at the Washington, D.C. and Dallas events.


Teach Them Diligently – Washington, D.C.
May 15-17th, 2014

Teach Them Diligently – Dallas, Texas
June 26-28, 2014

You can visit the above links to find complete details on location, registration, speakers, exhibitors, and family programming.

Nancy will share from her new book (to be released late April) More Than A Memory – The Candace Kate Story.


One Family’s Story of Love, Pain, Loss, and Joy

The Fileccias did not consider themselves special, but just an ordinary family. Yet in 2003, God chose them to begin an extraordinary life journey. Trusting in their faith, Rusty and Nancy packed up their three children and traveled to China to adopt Xing Dan Nang (Candace), an eight-year-old blind girl. Little did they know this trip would lead them through the deepest valleys a family could ever experience.

The challenge of teaching a blind child paled to insignificance when their precious daughter was diagnosed with a fatal disease in 2006. The next three years became a roller coaster ride of deep despair, desperate hope, and searching for answers. Based on Nancy’s heartfelt journal entries of their journey, the story of Candace Kate unfolds, shining a light on God’s purpose to give this little girl a “forever family” and showing how she lived a full life in only thirteen years.

Life is short; no one is guaranteed eighty years. But during our time on earth we can inspire, love, and show God’s undying love for us, before He calls us home.

The Fileccia family prays that Candace will always remain More Than a Memory.


We would like to invite you to join The Candace Kate Story Facebook group to stay updated on the release of the book.

The Fileccia’s prayer is that this book will accomplish several things.

1. Encourage more families to adopt older children.
2. Give families ideas on how to continue homeschooling during an illness or other trying events in the family.
3. Offer support for families with terminally ill children.

Blessings to you and yours; may our story speak to your heart and encourage you to keep up the good fight.

Nancy looks forward to seeing you at an upcoming Teach Them Diligently convention!

R is for Russia

 photo null_zpsb944896b.jpg

Are you enjoying the Winter Olympics?

We are enjoying watching some of our favorite competitions while working on a hands-on lapbook project! You can read about our mini-unit study in our O is for Olympics post.

Our daughter is using The Winter Olympics 2014 Lapbook with Study Guide to learn about the history of the Olympics, history and geography of Russia, and track the winners of the sporting events. This lapbook is a 3 folder project and includes 58 pages.

 photo null_zpsb474223b.jpg

Folder 1 covers the history of the Olympics.

Folder 2 covers the 2014 Olympics- dates, symbols, logo. mascots, winter games, Russia, a Winter Olympics word search, and more.

Folder 3 includes a booklet for every event in the Olympics. Within each book, we will log which country wins the Gold Medal!

 photo null_zps9dc2864d.jpg

Our daughter is 11 years old and working at the middle school level. She enjoys the creativity of lapbooking and notebooking as she studies thematic topics such as the Winter Olympics. Lapbooks are tactile projects which are suitable to all ages.

 photo null_zps22ef8b42.jpg
Here are a few learning links, activities, and crafts that we are working on this week with our lapbook. (We are using these links in our home, but please preview them to make sure no unsuitable ads are present.)

Science and Engineering of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games

Science of the Winter Olympic Games

Sochi 2014: An Olympic Preview

Sochi 2014: The Opening Ceremony

What You Don’t Know About Sochi

Sochi Map

Fact Monster: Russia

Time for Kids: Russia

12 New Winter Olympic Sport Events

We are working on a few crafts that we have pinned on our Winter Olympics 2014 Pinterest board.

A Journey Through Learning has a February Special and you can get The Winter Olympics 2014 Lapbook and Study Guide (digital download) for only $1.00! The Exploring Russia Lapbook and Study Guide is only $4.50 (digital download).

Olympics 300x300

How are you celebrating the Winter Olympics?

Are you working on any special activities?

Happy Homeschooling!

Sharra Badgley is the Marketing and Promotions Manager at A Journey Through Learning. Sharra’s family make their home in Central Indiana near Indianapolis. She is celebrating her 15th year of homeschooling. You can visit her at her blog The Homeschool Marm.


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Children Learn By Doing!

I read an interesting blog post.

Danger, Will Robinson

It inspired me to think about my own experiences raising a boy.

Five years ago, I would have been on the “other” end of this argument. Except in that five year span, my sweet little boy turned 12! Before him, I had successfully raised 3 daughters. In their childhood, we had escaped with only 1 broken arm and 2 broken noses. I was confident that if I had raised THREE girls, surely I could handle ONE boy! Then this boy got mobile! In five, years, I have gotten him off of roofs, out of 20 ft trees, watched as he dug a “moat,” in our backyard and added a “second” story to his already 25 foot treehouse. There are MANY other adventures I could write here, heck I could write a book.

Tree House post

My point is that children learn BY doing!

I think we have become a society that is so scared of the ugly world around us that we are bringing that fear into our private homes. Yes, our country is at war. Yes, bad people kidnap children, and yes, there are very weird people in our neighborhoods that send their little darlings off to something called school every day. As parents, we cannot impose these fears onto our children. We cannot keep them under our wing forever. Playing in the mud filled with nasty germs will not kill them. It just makes them dirty! Yet, with that first feeling of dirt, the adventures begin. Giving them their “own” tools so that dad’s stay in the garage is learning responsibility, correct way to use and take care of things that belong to him and the safety. They learn that you have to nail three boards together to make a hut because two will blow over with the wind. They learn to tie off the tree they are cutting down for the second story on the treehouse, or it will fall the wrong way. While digging out the moat, they learn how to remove roots, and at what level water can be sprung from the ground.


Moat with an underground bunker in case zombies come!

They also discover while digging that all types of critters live in the dirt. Some, like crawfish you can even bait and catch with pieces of ham! Now, a completely new adventure begins. Once they have build fishing poles out of whittled sticks and string, where will they cook them? So, another adventure begins. They build a cart out of trees, woods, and nails to haul the old forty-five pound Chiminea out of the garage so they can build a fire! I could go on and on!

hunting shelter

This is the hunting shelter. The chiminea is on the other side of the “tarp” which is a broken pool umbrella.

In each of these adventures, he is learning, thinking, growing. Yes, there are dangers. He could fall out of a tree, drown in the 3 foot moat, or be burned my fire; or, nothing will happen, and he will grow up with amazing adventures to tell his children. I choose to experience the latter! Our children have a lifetime to worry! So, for the few creative years where is not afraid to try and fail at life, I will keep the kool-aid pouring and the first-aid kit filled.

Nancy Fileccia is co-owner of A Journey through Learning with her best friend Paula Winget. She is a 16 year homeschool veteran. Check out A Journey Through Learning at for all of your Lapbooking needs.

Chinese New Year!

chinese new year express

Chinese New Year is coming up on Friday, January 31st!

The Chinese New Year Express Lapbook (instant download) is available for only $1.00! It includes: mini lapbook, coloring sheets, copywork, crafts, and games.

Come join us on Pinterest as we share our favorite pins on our Chinese New Year board!

While you are visiting our Chinese New Year board, be sure to check out the FREE download we have for you!

Are you celebrating or studying about Chinese New Year?

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