Creating Binder Builders from Lapbooks for Older Students
Creating Binder Builders

Do you have older children that feel cutting and pasting is NOT for them?  Do they cringe at the thought of doing anything creative? Well, AJTL has the answer! Creating Binder Builders from lapbooks for your older children may just be the solution you are looking for. Being creative IS needed by EVERYONE! Children learn […]

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Benefit of Lapbooks: Great for Special Needs Homeschooling
Many Benefits of Lapbooking

   Special Needs Homeschooling While the benefits of lapbooks are many – using them for special needs homeschooling is a major benefit that stands out. You don’t need to be crafty or artistic to enjoy lapbooking, and anyone can do it successfully! For those who do special needs homeschooling – it can change the whole […]

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Hope and Help for your Home and Homeschool in the New Year

This time of the year, many are re-evaluating their home, life, and homeschool. We’ve rounded up posts from some of our favorite bloggers to help and encourage you as you prepare to tackle 2015! God Bless! Hope and Help for your Home and Homeschool in the New Year:  Teach Children to set Goals – Free […]

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Lapbooking for Homeschool: What and Why you should
Lapbooking for Homeschool - what & why you should

Lapbooking for Homeschool What exactly is lapbooking for homeschool and why should you use it? The What Lapbooking is simply a way to gather the information you are learning and studying and compiling it into a mini-book format. Students learn to assimilate information, to pull out the important data, and to put it together in […]

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Summer Lapbooking

Summer is a great time to start your lapbooking journey. Why? Because many of us, either take a break from school, or we reduce the amount of school we are doing.  This frees up some time to learn to utilize lapbooks.  It gives our children something to do on those rainy days, or so stinking […]

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Helping the Reluctant Child Learn to Love Lapbooking

Believe it or not, when I started working for A Journey Through Learning in August, my oldest did NOT like lapbooking.  He would practically refuse to do a lapbook. We finally sat down and talked about why…it was because the first five lapbooks we attempted were so challenging, and he really didn’t like the subject […]

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Lapbook Supply Storage Ideas

One question I get asked frequently is: How do you store all your lapbook supplies? For our family, I just managed to accomplish this.  First I purchase a little green caddy.  I then decided what supplies would be most useful in there. I chose to add: scissors pens and pencils glue sticks, bottle of glue […]

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