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Creating Binder Builders from Lapbooks for Older Students

Creating Binder Builders

Creating Binder Builders

Do you have older children that feel cutting and pasting is NOT for them?  Do they cringe at the thought of doing anything creative? Well, AJTL has the answer! Creating Binder Builders from lapbooks for your older children may just be the solution you are looking for.

Being creative IS needed by EVERYONE! Children learn BY doing.  Somewhere we have given the message to older kids that learning can no longer be fun.  The simple truth is, as homeschooling moms of “older” kids, sometimes we just want to get it done.

We see items like paper, glue, scraps, brads, scissors and crayons as THINGS we used in elementary teaching. In reality, these are brilliant tools that open true thinking and imagination in our kids!Binder Builders for older students

Now, I will be the first to admit that my son (13) DID NOT LIKE file folders. So, I got creative. I started creating what we now call “Binder-Builders.” By taking a 3-ring binder and filling it with colored three hole punch paper and eight tabs (labeled Maps, Notebooking, Reading Books, Reports, Research, Timeline, Vocabulary, Writing), I turned an already packed lapbook into a MEGA binder of learning!

My son was given a sheet of card stock for each booklet. The instructions were simple- cut out and glue the booklet ANYWHERE on this page. You MUST provide (on this piece of cardstock) what is being asked on the booklet. You must also fill the REST of the page with the information you have learned in the study guide.

Binder builders


It always amazed me how he would come up with creative ways of remembering the study guides; army men with bubble words coming out of their mouths, snakes eating the answer, answer written down the side of a mountain – But, see, the learning and being creative part was STILL there!

Binder Builders for teens


The next day, he took the SAME study guide and had to looked up five NEW words from the study guide. Those were placed behind the “Vocabulary Tab.” Depending on the study guide, I would assign reports, writing, research, timelines, and/or require extra reading. All of these were then added behind the tabs. Now, I had taken a very informative lapbook and with a little imagination created a complete curriculum portfolio for my older child.

I pray that these simple changes will help you to see that kids are NEVER too old for paper and glue!


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Moms Say AJTL Lapbooks are Easy to Use

What moms are saying . . .

What moms are saying . . .


We love hearing from our customers about how A Journey Through Learning products are enhancing their homeschool.

AJTL lapbooks are easy to use!

One of the key features of our lapbooks is the easy to use format. Each page is numbered so that – even if you were to drop the entire stack of pages . . . they could easily be put back in order. Additionally, there are pictures to show you how to lay out the mini-booklets, and each mini-book is explained in full within the study guides that accompany the stand alone lapbooks.

A first time homeschool mom and first time lapbooker said,

I just wanted you to know how much I love your lapbooks! This is my first year homeschooling my three children, and our first experience using lapbooks.

Of the lapbooks I have seen, these are by far superior.

Even when I can get some products for free, I would still prefer to purchase A Journey Through Learning.

They are easy to follow, have clear instructions and great curriculum matter.

~Lucinda Douglas – a homeschool mom

We LOVE to hear that Lucinda! Thank you for sharing!

Producing curriculum that holds valuable information, is relevant to students ages, and is easy to use – are just a few of our main goals at AJTL.

Lapbooking will add a layer of creativity to your studies (even if you are not a “crafty” or “artistic” person) and will help your students not only learn to pull out the most relevant information, but also will help them retain what they learn.

When they are finished with each lapbook or unit study project – they will have something to be proud of, and a terrific review tool!

Have you tried lapbooking yet?

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Try Lapbooking for FREE

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Let us know if you have any questions. We are here to help and encourage you in your homeschool journey.

Hope and Help for your Home and Homeschool in the New Year

Hope and Help for Home and Homeschool in the New Year

This time of the year, many are re-evaluating their home, life, and homeschool. We’ve rounded up posts from some of our favorite bloggers to help and encourage you as you prepare to tackle 2015! God Bless!

Hope and Help for your Home and Homeschool in the New Year: 

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 Great Quotes and Scripture copywork for the New Year @Adventures in Childrearing

(comes with activities to keep little ones happy while older students do copywork)
Great Quotes & Scripture copywork for the New Year


2015 Gratitude Journal @ Ben and Me

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Teaching Students with Dyslexia – Series & FREEBIES

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Put the fun back into your homeschool by using our lapbooks!

Simple to use – with assembly instructions on each page . . . .

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 New Year

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Lapbooking for Homeschool: What and Why you should

Lapbooking for Homeschool - what & why you should

Lapbooking for Homeschool

What exactly is lapbooking for homeschool and why should you use it?

Lapbooking for Homeschool - what & why you should

The What

Lapbooking is simply a way to gather the information you are learning and studying and compiling it into a mini-book format. Students learn to assimilate information, to pull out the important data, and to put it together in an organized and understandable presentation.

Regular file folders are used as a base to create this fantastic homeschool resource. See our tutorial HERE  on how to fold them to form the main book. Additional “mini-books” are then added throughout the base to organize and present the information on any topic.

Lapbooks are an educational scrapbook of your studies.

The Why

Lapbooking trains students to process, assimilate and share important information.  

The mini-books that are put together throughout the lapbooking process provide a terrific visual method of “chunking” information in appropriate sections. This skill not only helps students retain what they are learning, but is a skill that will continue to be useful to them long after their lapbooking days have passed!

Lapbooks also make great tools for review and for recording all that you have studied in your homeschool journey.

Lapbooking is educational and fun!

Additional Benefits

Using lapbooking as an educational tool in your family homeschool can change the whole atmosphere in your school day. A few of the added benefits include the following:

  1. Lapbooking is FUN!
  2. Lapbooking is CREATIVE
  3. Great for Special Needs Learning
  4. Hands on activities help students retain what they learn
  5. Terrific resource for REVIEW
  7. Lapbooking highlights the most important information on a subject
  8. It teaches organizational skills useful in studies & throughout life
  9. It is FLEXIBLE! Use it in a way that works best for your family or child
  10. Lapbooks make a GREAT PRESENTATIONS of work (for grandparents or state agencies)


A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks come in stand alone options that need no other curriculum, and also in lapbooks to accompany your studies for many of your favorite homeschool companies!  SEE OUR STORE HERE


Christmas Crafts for Kids: Hands on Learning Ideas

It’s time to get your craft on!

These simple crafts for kids can be great hands on learning projects for your homeschool and make wonderful gifts for friends and neighbors- or grandparents!

Christmas Crafts for Kids: Hands on Learning Ideas

Did you know that most children learn best when they are keeping their hands busy? It can be an incredible tool for teaching kids with special needs as well.

Enjoy these simple crafts for kids while you read great Christmas books out loud to them. Stop along the way, while reading, and discuss important points from the story. Ask questions to gain insight into what your child is thinking as they listen.

Powerful Mothering                  Crafty Morning 

Candy Cane fun                    Reindeer Paper Plate - Crafty Morning


Tips from Typical Mom          Frugal Navy Mom

Better Than Salt Dough Ornaments                 Frugal Navy Mom craft

 Hands on Learning

Additionally – you can enjoy hands on learning in your homeschool and take some stress out of the busy holiday season by putting our holiday and Christmas lapbooks to good use!

Try the Arrival of the King Lapbook  – let kids do the cutting and pasting while mom does the reading. Additionally, you can have older kids read to the younger ones and have everyone read a little bit, as much as they are able.

The Arrival of a King       Arrival of a King

Summer Lapbooking

Summer is a great time to start your lapbooking journey.


Because many of us, either take a break from school, or we reduce the amount of school we are doing.  This frees up some time to learn to utilize lapbooks.  It gives our children something to do on those rainy days, or so stinking hot it is not really fit to be outside.  It can break the summer boredom patterns too.

Some ways to utilize lapbooks during these hot months:Abbey Lapbooking (1)

  • Review a some concepts taught from last year
  • Introduce some new concepts that will help make the next year a little easier
  • Use our blank templates to have children lapbook through vacation, gardening, and more.
  • Help younger children get a head start in reading by using one of our literature lapbooks
  • Do a lapbook to help gain excitement in science or history topics you will be studying in depth next year.
  • Do one of our Bible Lapbooks to help review some of the verses and Bible stories you have covered.
  • Train an older child to lapbook with a younger child, to give you more time to work with another child.
  • Enjoy a Staycation traveling the world with one or two or more of our Geography Lapbooks
  • Practice and Review math facts with our math lapbooks

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to lapbook through the summer to help keep those skills learned last year tuned up.

What lapbook would you like to work through this summer?

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Helping the Reluctant Child Learn to Love Lapbooking

Believe it or not, when I started working for A Journey Through Learning in August, my oldest did NOT like lapbooking.  He would practically refuse to do a lapbook.

We finally sat down and talked about why…it was because the first five lapbooks we attempted were so challenging, and he really didn’t like the subject matter.  He also struggled because many require a lot of writing.  He is dysgraphic, so writing is a challenge.

So, I asked Paula and Nancy what I could do to help.  First they sent me some high interest lapbooks for him to work on.  Specifically the Reptiles lapbook.

He absolutely loved this lapbook.  He learned about different reptiles, and found the instructions so easy to follow, that he able to complete it on his own.

Just the other day, he said

“I am a smart boy now that I can lapbook”


It seems that those harder to follow, more complicated lapbooks really had him believing he couldn’t lapbook and that he was not smart.

Finding a lapbook that interests you child is key.  Next find out how best to meet their needs.  Some moms will sit down with their child have the child tell the mom what to write down.  Others will allow the child to type their answers on the computer and print it off on sticky paper, then allow the student to stick the answers on the mini books.

I only assign a minibook or two per lapbook per day.  This keeps the lapbooks from being overwhelming.

For coloring the lapbooks, you can allow your child to use colored pencils, pastel chalks, oil pastels, crayon, and even water color paints.

To do the water color paints, you will want to copy the area to be painted onto a separate piece of paper, then once painted and dried, cut and paste to that mini book.

I have also found that spending a bit more on colored file folders really helps my children want to lapbook more.

Lapbooking is a very creative way to learn new information.  When the child finishes a lapbook, they have something they are proud of to show to their friends and relative.

How to Start Using Lapbooks

When I first tried lapbooks, I purchased a kit from another company, it is still setting on the shelf unused.


Because it was overwhelming as soon as I opened it up.  There was page after page after page of extensive directions, that really didn’t explain anything.  They were confusing and had very few pictures to show you what to do.

It was several years before I tried lapbooking again.

And then I found A Journey Through Learning, the rest is really history.  Well, not really, but seriously, to get started, you do seem to need a few step by step instructions to get going.

Making sure you have the basic supplies on hand to lapbook will help a lot.

  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Pens
  • Crayons
  • Tape
  • File folders

You Found a Code: Pinta

I also purchased a couple of books to help me get started.  However, for me the biggest help was just pushing through that first project.  It was pretty, I am not sure my children learned a lot, but I learned the basics well enough to want to try again.

What are your best kept beginning lapbook secrets?  Comment below with your helps.

Lapbooking Classes

Do you want to learn more about lapbooking?  How to implement it into your school daily?  Do you want to get a lapbooking group together?

A Journey Through Learning lapbooking classes include classes for adults and children.


In our adult class each mom will receive a complete lapbook. We go step by step how to assemble the folders. We then explain the different booklet folds. And how to place them in the booklet. When they leave they will have a lapbook to use at home with their children.

In the children’s class we read a book and then show the kids how to assemble their lapbook. We then go through the book and fill out what they learned in the book.

Lapbooking classes are $10 per person with a 20 person minimum.  If you have ever wanted to try lapbooking, but were a bit overwhelmed, a lapbooking class is just the thing for you.  If you are a lapbooking pro, but would like to learn new lapbooking skills, then a lapbooking class would be a great benefit for you.

If you live in the following areas, or within a four hour drive, we would love to schedule classes before or after the dates listed with each location.  For more information, please email

Greenville, NC March 22-24
Memphis, TN April 12-14
Soldotna, AK April 18th
Anchorage, AK April 19-20
Fairbanks, AK April 23-24
Arlington, Texas– May 11-13