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One of the best things about lapbooking is that that the creative aspect of it helps children of all learning types, and most special needs, as well as all skill levels – to use both sides of the brain. By engaging both the left and right brains, your student is more likely to understand what they are learning, retain that information, and it encourages a love for learning which will serve them well in the future.

While we can sing the praises of lapbooking all day long . . . today we are discussing some of the best lapbooking-recommended supplies to have on hand for your projects. The most critical ones are listed first.

Great lapbooking supplies

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Starred choices are the critical options – others are for added creativity

*File Folders – Colored or plain   *Scissors – for little hands & big   *Pencils for Mini-books


* Glue Sticks                 *Brads for Attaching Mini-books             *Paper for Printing 



Colored Pencils for Detail            Gel Pens for Extra Spectacular’ness



Chalk Art Pastels                       Colored Cardstock for Backing            Pro Art Kit



 Ribbons- Decorative           Colored Buttons                           Fun Scrapbook Paper 



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