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Facebook Mother’s Day Tea Party with The Better Mom and Apologia!! Come celebrate Mother’s Day with Us!!

Ready that warm cup of tea or a delicious mug of coffee (or maybe a favorite iced beverage), a cappuccino milk shakes sounds good to me about now, we’re partnering with The Better Mom and Apologia to throw a Facebook Mother’s Day Tea . . .How fun!

Let’s celebrate motherhood and moms—grandmothers, great grandmothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, friends! Join us Monday, April 30 from 8:30 p.m. eastern until 10:00 p.m. eastern.

We’ll start on the Facebook wall of Apologia at 8:30. Rachael Carman will be with us sharing her warmth and humor. As a homeschooling mom of 7, Rachael loves sharing her triumphs and trials of homeschooling. Plus, we’ll kick off a new blog link-up based on Rachael’s book "Soundbites from Heaven". The new link up is called Soundbites From My Life. Did we mention we’ll be giving away goodies? A few things to pamper Mom!

At 9:00, we’ll move to the Facebook wall of The Better Mom. http://www.facebook.com/thebettermom If you haven’t discovered this online community of moms, follow them right now and visit their blog. Everyday Ruth Scwhenk and the team of writers at TheBetterMom.com weave God’s word and love in all they share. During the party, we’ll enjoy warm fellowship and more goodies until 9:30 p.m. Then we’ll move to the Facebook wall of A Journey Through Learning!

From 9:30 until 10:00 p.m. the fellowship and fun continue with A Journey Through Learning!http://www.facebook.com/AJourneyThroughLearning If you aren’t following them, now is the time! If you need some hands-on resources for your homeschool—check them out. Did we mention we’ll be giving away some fun resources during the party?

Think Home Educating Family, Wisdom’s Gate, Raising Real Men and maybe more!!  All prizes are geared to help encourage and support moms.  This party is for you moms, to celebrate all that you do!! ‘

Here is the schedule with links:
9:00-9:30 Facebook wall of Apologia. http://www.facebook.com/apologiaworld
9:00-9:30 Facebook wall of The Better Mom http://www.facebook.com/thebettermom
9:30-10:00 Facebook wall of A Journey Through Learning http://www.facebook.com/AJourneyThroughLearning

Be sure to follow all three pages now, so you ‘ll be ready to enjoy the entire party and will see any special announcements from all of us.

Bring your favorite warm or cold beverage and fond memories of motherhood and a special mom in your life!

It’s Time To Party~VeggieTale Style

We are working hard to get together a Facebook Party VeggieTale Style.  We have over $300 worth of giveaways, and plan to have a ton of fun.

We will even have someone from VeggieTales here to talk to you.

So, come out and join us Feb. 23 at 7 pm on our Facebook Wall

If you want to get in on a little pre-party fun, join us on our Google+ hangout at 6:30 and maybe we will have a few extra prizes to hand out. Winking smile

If you have younger children that you are homeschooling, or trying to keep out of mischeif while homeschooling older children, then a VeggieTale lapbook may be just the thing to help.

Come join us next Thursday for a fun time with our favorite Veggies!!

Home Educating Family Magazine Giveaway 30 Winners

Home Educating Family Magazines Giveaway
30 one-year print subscriptions $15.95

One Year US Subscription
The Home Educating Family Magazine (HEFM) is published quarterly, and is the gateway for your family to be a part of the most meaningful discussions taking place in the homeschooling community today.
Teaching your children at home in the 21st century is starkly different than it was over thirty years ago when the homeschooling movement began. Families now have more options, support and resources than every before! The mission of HEFM is to keep you abreast of all that is crucial and all that is available to you as a family so that your family can have the very best home-educating experience possible.
HEFM is committed to addressing those topics that influence us most deeply, such as parenting, marriage, biblical manhood and womanhood, and the family’s important roles in the church and the government. At the same time, we give you immensely practical advice on implementing the newest and best ideas in homeschooling!
HEFM is for families who want their children to be able to think and thoughtfully engage the culture. Homeschoolers have the advantage of avoiding some of the worse elements of our world, but we also have the responsibility of changing our world. HEF hopes to give you the encouragement, inspiration, and information to do just that!

Vocabulary Spelling City Giveaway

Vocabulary Spelling City Giveaway

1 Family Premium Membership $24.99
VocabularySpellingCity is an educational website that allows parents and teachers to
register for free and enter and save word lists that their children can use to play a variety
of games and activities. Our Premium Membership includes the following benefits:
* Individual student logins for up to 5 children
* Access to our Premium games and vocabulary content
* Automated student recordkeeping
* The ability to create Assignments for individual students, groups, or an entire class
* Student and list grouping options
* No commercial ads Email

New Leaf Press Dinky Dinosaur Who’s My Friend? Giveaway

Dinky Dinosaur Who’s my friend? 6.99

Dinky Dinosaur Who's My Friend?
Preschoolers have special life lessons to learn. One of the most important is how to be a friend. Using a loveable green dinosaur named Dinky, Wiskur demonstrates to children that a friend in need is a friend indeed! Dinky Dinosaur suffers through the pain of rejection until he gets the opportunity to help another little dinosaur in trouble! Then he discovers that life is full of friends! You just have to look!

• Brilliant colorful illustrations

• Teaches children about true friendship

• Lovable dinosaur characters

• Story is told with amusing rhyme

Circle C Adventures and Corresponding AJTL Lapbooks Giveaway

Circle C Adventures and Corresponding Lapbooks Giveaway
Complete set of 6 books and their lapbooks 124.95

Learn more about Andi and her horse, Taffy, and her friends and family.

Twelve-year-old Andrea Carter can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Now her beloved horse, Taffy, is missing and it’s Andi’s fault. The daring young girl will do anything to find the thief and recover Taffy. But her choices plunge her into danger, and Andi discovers that life on her own in the Old West can be downright terrifying!~About book 1 only.  Check the website for more on the rest of the books.
snail mail

The Eleanor Series and AJTL Corresponding Lapbooks Giveaway

The Eleanor Series and Lapbooks Giveaway $138

Mary Elizabeth
You can own the full set of 6 books in The Eleanor Series + Eleanor Jo: A Christmas To Remember. By purchasing today, you receive all 7 books for the special low price of $63.00! That’s 40% off the retail price! Why not buy an extra set for your school library, and help share the these stories of faith and patriotism?
The Eleanor Series Books 1-5 with their lapbooks

You can own the full set of 5 books in The Eleanor Series
The Eleanor Series is a historically accurate collection of books for girls which will instill faith, vision, and values. The stories, which span several generations, offer a heritage of faith to young readers, and point them in the direction of a lasting legacy. Wisdom, culture, and historical truths are woven throughout, with a subtle musical thread.
Twenty-first century readers are sure to relate to these amazing stories of young women from American history who have faced and overcome obstacles with the help of the Lord. Modern parents will be blessed as their daughters learn countless lessons from the pages of each book.
You will also receive the printed copy of each of the lapbooks.
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New Leaf Press Giveaway It’s Designed To Do What It Does Do

It’s Designed To Do What It Does Do 9.99

It's Designed to Do What It Does Do
From perhaps the two most popular creationist speakers comes a one-of-a-kind board book that teaches young children that God is creative, good, and interested in His world! From the animals explored to the young readers enjoying this learning journey– the book shares an important and wonderful truth– God made everything for a specific purpose.
Each animal presented in the book has certain design features that leave no doubt whether evolution could have taken place. A great children’s title with an important foundational faith message and entertaining animal facts– combined in a format with those great "googley eyes" children are sure to enjoy! The easily identifiable animals are familiar to any child, and the "googley eyes" combine with eye-catching color illustrations to make this book both educational and fun!

WriteShop Junior Book D New Release

WriteShop Junior Book D (just released!!) $95.85

WriteShop Primary B
WriteShop Junior Book D eases your 3rd-5th graders into writing. Engaging games and activities teach and review important writing and self-editing skills while keeping it fun for everyone. Easy-to-use lesson plans help you lead and guide them through the steps of the writing process. WriteShop Junior exposes children to genre, fiction and nonfiction writing, and journal writing and introduces exciting new brainstorming and editing tools that truly motivate young writers!
Winner will receive the BRAND-NEW Book D Teacher’s Guide, Time-Saver Pack, and Student Activity Pack (Student Worksheets + Level 1 Fold-N-Go Grammar Pack).
Snail mail for US residents, email for international residents

Apologia Seasons of a Mother’s Heart Giveaway~2 Winners

Seasons of a Mother’s Heart by Sally Clarkson $14/ per copy

Your life is a whirlwind of changing seasons that can just as easily exhaust as exhilarate you. Sit down, take a few moments, and allow yourself to be refreshed and encouraged by stories, insights, and lessons from a friend. Sally Clarkson opens her heart within these pages, sharing what she has learned as a homeschooling wife and mother—about herself, her children, and her Lord.

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