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What Moms Say About AJTL Lapbooking . . .

What moms are saying about AJTL

What moms are saying about AJTL

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We’ve been asking questions – because we want to know what moms say about AJTL lapbooking and how it helps their children learn. Martina Bump is a homeschool mom, like you, and she had these things to say about our lapbooks . . .


“My children and I love A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks and study guides!!!

We have done several of them and my girls retain more by being able to write,cut and glue and put together a lapbook that is fun and engaging to look at over and over again.

With your student wanting to go back and look at what they have created over and over they are reenforcing what you have taught them.In addition to it being fun it works on fine motor skills such as cutting ,writing and also on following step by step directions.

Happy results with AJTL lapbooks

Upon finishing one of the lapbooks my daughter took it to show her speech and OT therapist and they were very impressed by what she had accomplished and how much she had retained from schooling with the lapbook. The therapist agreed that this was the PERFECT fit for my struggling learners.

The strides they have made in school since doing

lapbooks from A Journey Through Learning have been amazing!!!

What a wonderful testimony of homeschooling it has been to their therapist. Some who were not for homeschooling have been in favor of my homeschooling as a result.

Thank you Paula for taking the time and helping out an overwhelmed mom, a few years ago . It has been a tremendous blessing.”

~ Martina Bump – Happy Homeschool Mom


A few choices to consider: 

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Christmas Cash Giveaway and Gifts for Homeschoolers

Christmas Blessings Giveaway


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Christmas Blessings Giveaway – 2 Prizes – 2 Winners – $600 Total 

We are so excited to bring you this Christmas cash giveaway and gifts perfect for homeschoolers!

Christmas is the happiest, busiest time of the year. We often get such lovely pictures in our minds of what the holidays are supposed to look like. In today’s busy world, those images can be neigh impossible to live up to!

The reality is that between house cleaning that needs to be done for the holiday, regular chores, meals, errands, homeschooling . . . and even working from home for a lot of us, we are fortunate to get some decorations up and finish the Christmas shopping.

Gift Ideas for Busy Homeschool Families

This year, why not simplify things? We highly recommend that you back off on some of your regular homeschooling, and focus on some wonderful seasonal schooling instead.

For instance:

Holiday Lapbooks on sale now!

Why not work through a history lesson your kids are sure to remember with our “Thanksgiving Mega Bundle”?

Get into the true spirit of Christmas with our lapbook and study guide “The Arrival of a King”.

Best of all . . . we have these handy, hands on learning tools available to you at half price!  There are over 40 wonderful units to choose from in both the Seasonal Lapbooks and the Holiday Lapbook collection. Use the coupon code below when you purchase for yourself – or gift another homeschool family – and you will save 50%!

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Helping the Reluctant Child Learn to Love Lapbooking

Believe it or not, when I started working for A Journey Through Learning in August, my oldest did NOT like lapbooking.  He would practically refuse to do a lapbook.

We finally sat down and talked about why…it was because the first five lapbooks we attempted were so challenging, and he really didn’t like the subject matter.  He also struggled because many require a lot of writing.  He is dysgraphic, so writing is a challenge.

So, I asked Paula and Nancy what I could do to help.  First they sent me some high interest lapbooks for him to work on.  Specifically the Reptiles lapbook.

He absolutely loved this lapbook.  He learned about different reptiles, and found the instructions so easy to follow, that he able to complete it on his own.

Just the other day, he said

“I am a smart boy now that I can lapbook”


It seems that those harder to follow, more complicated lapbooks really had him believing he couldn’t lapbook and that he was not smart.

Finding a lapbook that interests you child is key.  Next find out how best to meet their needs.  Some moms will sit down with their child have the child tell the mom what to write down.  Others will allow the child to type their answers on the computer and print it off on sticky paper, then allow the student to stick the answers on the mini books.

I only assign a minibook or two per lapbook per day.  This keeps the lapbooks from being overwhelming.

For coloring the lapbooks, you can allow your child to use colored pencils, pastel chalks, oil pastels, crayon, and even water color paints.

To do the water color paints, you will want to copy the area to be painted onto a separate piece of paper, then once painted and dried, cut and paste to that mini book.

I have also found that spending a bit more on colored file folders really helps my children want to lapbook more.

Lapbooking is a very creative way to learn new information.  When the child finishes a lapbook, they have something they are proud of to show to their friends and relative.

CONTEST!! We Have a Surprise and will be giving out clues!

The next clue to our surprise begins with G. ends with E and is 6 letters long. See how many cool words you can come up with that include these letters. for bonus points say a little story with your words! The best words or story will receive a free instant download of Its a Meaningful Life Veggietales lapbook! Contest ends at 11 am CST Dec. 23!! Tell your friends to come over and join the fun, because when we reach 2500 fans on Facebook, we will announce our big surprise!!

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Black Friday


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Don’t forget to get your FREE Digital Lapbook page, Thanksgiving Memories.  This is brand new!!  We will be adding more digital products, so keep watching for more, tell us what you like, what we need to change, and items you would like to see in this category.

Thanksgiving Memories Example Thanksgiivng memories

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Come Party with A Journey Through Learning!!  We are kicken up some goodies for all our attendees.  There will be swag to be had for all attendees, and t-shirts for mom, and books for your children to be won.  AJTL Facebook Party Graphic copy

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Feature Friday Product~Harvest Time with Free Activity Packet

We are planning to feature a product each Friday and offer a free activity packet or some other special add on.

This week’s feature product is our Harvest Time lapbook.

Harvest Time Lapbook with Study Guide

It includes a wonderful study guide full of harvest fun. Harvest Time is a great way to introduce “fall” and everything about fall that your love. Your kids will learn all of the parts of a pumpkin, Play games like match and taboo, Study all of God’s blessings that we receive from ground, learn the history of Johnny Appleseed, have fun in the kitchen cooking wonderful fall evening meals, Study why leaves change colors and so much more.

Harvest time will bring your family together as you study a little more about this time of year and it’s changing seasons.

This week only, Harvest Time is on sale using this code harvest30, for 30% off.  Remember that you get an extra activity packet free through this offer for a limited time.  The extra activity will be emailed within 48 hours of your order.  If you don’t receive it, please kindly email us. 😉 Thanks!

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New Products: Math Helpers, Veggie Tales, and Tracing Pages

Yes, you read that right!!1 Veggie Tales Lapbooks.  We just released our first.

VeggieTales-It's A Meaningful Life Lapbook


It was the biggest football game of his life and Stewart (Larry the Cucumber) had a chance to win it all. Injured in one bad play, his hopes of playing in the Salad Bowl-and living a life of fame and fortune- are dashed forever. Years later, silly-but-sweet Stewart loves his family, friends and job at the toy train factory, but still wonders “what if” things had been different. When he meets a mysterious train conductor who can turn back time, Stewart gets the chance to have the life he always wanted. Will he finally find all he’s been looking for? And what does that mean for those he loves. Find out in this story of wonder and a lesson in being content.


I Can Write ABC Tracing Pages


I Can Write ABCs Tracing Pages

These were written with the child who has vision challenges in mind.  How do I know, because Nancy and Paula saw me post on Facebook about my children who have vision issues and trying to teach them to write.  Next thing I know, I get an email chock full of tracing pages that are a great help for my awesome little ones.  Even my three year old without vision challenges love these.

These “I Can Write” sheets are a great way to teach beginning handwriting. Your child will trace the letter of the day 5 times on each page. He/She will also name, trace and color an item that begins with the letter.

Daily Math Helpers for 1st Grade

Daily Helpers Lapbook- Math Grade 1

These daily Math Helpers are one of my FAVORITE products for my youngsters.  They give me an idea what and where we should be headed through the year at each grade level.

Daily Helpers are made by gluing cute learning templates into colorful specially-folded file folders. They are used alongside your child’s school program to help your child master or review the basic skills required for his/her grade. When your child is done with school for the day, the Daily Helper folds up and can be placed in a desk or book for safe keeping. It is like having many posters right in front of your child all at ONE time!! And, no holes in the wall!

Daily Math Helpers for 2nd Grade

Daily Helpers Lapbook-Math Grade 2


With the packet, we not only list the skills needed for your child’s grade, but we give you all the templates needed to create the Daily Helper. We highly recommend that you laminate the templates before putting into the file folders so that they can be used over and over again with a dry erase marker and also so the templates will stay sturdy after lots of usage from your child

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Harvest Time Lapbook with Study Guide

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