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Memorial Day 4 Homeschoolers: Field Trips That Matter

Memorial Day for Homeschoolers

Memorial Day for Homeschoolers

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 Happy Memorial Day!

We love hands on learning – which translates into awesome field trips as well as educational projects at home. Field trips and travel are some of our favorite things about homeschooling. Homeschool convention season presents multiple opportunities to set out for some roadschooling.

Last year we were able to visit Arlington Cemetery and tour Washington DC during the Teach Them Diligently Convention – which is a perfect field trip for any patriotic themed lessons.

Throughout the year, we read and learn about wars, battles, and people who have shaped our nation and made a difference in the world. When we hit the road – we take that information with us and look for ways to add depth to our schooling with great field trips.

Great Memorial Day (or week) Field Trips

Obviously Arlington Cemetery is a top of the list choice, but you may very well have a Veterans Memorial Cemetery in your area. Thousands of patriotic citizens from around the country will honor the service and sacrifice of our nation’s fallen heroes at VA national cemeteries on Memorial Day.

Ceremonies can vary from cemetery to cemetery, and may include parades, speeches, music performances, rifle volleys, bugle calls and wreath layings. Veterans Service Organizations will participate as well as active duty military members, scout groups, government officials and patriotic citizens who wish to pay their respects to those who sacrificed so much for their country.

 STATE by STATE list of National Cemeteries 

Mobile app “grave stone locator”

Another great opportunity came as we traveled from TTD Nashville all the way to Louisiana and then back through Mississippi and Alabama to get home.

We stopped at Vicksburg National Military Park  – and it was one of the nicest military memorial parks we had ever been to. The battlefield came alive in the minds of my boys, as they walked among the cannons, through the tunnels, and visited the monuments. They read markers, and stood beside awe inspiring monuments as more and more understanding of what had taken place there – became much more than an old story.

Vicksburg National Park

As great an experience as that was – when we arrived in Mobile’s USS Alabama Memorial Park something even more wonderful took place.

We started with the Korean War monument and discussed the role their paternal grandfather had played there. We moved on to the Vietnam Memorial, and as the boys stood in front of it – we began reading the names.

Name after name of men who did not return home. Hundreds – even a thousand names seemed to be engraved on the memorial stone. My father fought in Vietnam, and we discussed the fact that he is our very own hero. We took time to be grateful for his service and for the service of those we’ll never know. Then we realized that these were only the names of the men who had not returned to Alabama. As that realization hit home – I watched as the lights came on for each of them.

USS Alabama Memorial

We’ve studied Vietnam, we’ve read, learned and discussed the perils of war – but as we stood and read the names of real men who will  never return home – my boys learned what it truly means to serve your country.

Afterward, we spent time touring the USS Alabama to learn first hand how the sailors lived aboard the huge battleship. The boys even laid down on the bunks that hang from the ceiling!

These valuable experiences will never be forgotten. The information we read and study is important – but it was in the doing – it was in the hands on experience where life changing knowledge and a deeper understanding was gained.

Combining solid curriculum full of exciting stories and important information with field trips that matter – now THAT is a winning and powerful combination!

Up Next

This Memorial Day (week) we are on our way to the Lowcountry Homeschoolers Convention in South Carolina. Charleston is home of Fort Sumter where the first shots of the Civil War were fired. I cannot wait to share this experience with the boys!

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Ah-HA Moments

Have you had the experience of that “ah-ha” moment on a fabulous field trip with your homeschoolers?

We’d love to hear about it! Share your favorite field trip ideas with us in the comments.

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TTD Scavenger Hunt Family Fun Challenge

Aim for FUN with TTD!

Aim For Fun! TTD Nashville Field Trips & Scavenger Hunt fun!

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Come see A Journey Through Learning and Wildlife Adventures by Adventures in Childrearing in Nashville with Teach Them Diligently! Make a fun family field tripping time out of it with this scavenger hunt challenge.
Field Trips
One of our favorite things about homeschooling . . . is the opportunity to take amazing field trips and enjoy hands on learning. Teach Them Diligently Convention begins in Nashville on March 19 – 21 so we have put together some fun and frugal or free field trip ideas – with a twist.
Scavenger Hunt Photo Challenge
Use your smart phone to take photos of yourself or your family in front of special field trip locations around Nashville. Tweet out the photos using Teach Them Diligently hashtags – then visit the A Journey Through Learning & Wildlife Adventures booth at the convention to show us & get a special treat!
Wacky Adventures  – use hashtag #ttdnashville
Challenges include things such as “take a wacky photo in front of the Parthenon” and “google or look up the Tennessee state tree & take a picture of one (or a pic of a picture of one) and tweet it out with fun message”.
Complete one task or complete them all! Most of all – enjoy this family fun time and your visit to the Teach Them Diligently Convention in Nashville.
Find out more about TTD HERE: 

Gospel Vision 2014

(Please make a note – use hashtag #TTDNASHVILLE to share your fun photos)
Aim For Fun! Scavenger Hunt Field Trips!  TTD Field Trip scavenger hunt - Nashville  Special Treat at the AJTL & Wildlife Adventures booth when you share a tweet & scavenger hunt pic with us!
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Homeschool Convention Season: How-to Make the Most of It

Making the Most of Homeschool Convention Season

Making the Most of Homeschool Convention Season

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Homeschool Convention Season is upon us and we’re ready to make the most of it. Many families plan vacation around various conventions, for our family . . . . it’s road trip time!

While you may not need to go to more than one homeschool convention each year, it is important that you choose one that is right for your family, and that you make the most of the experience.

We highly recommend all of the Teach Them Diligently Conventions . . . they are Christian conferences created to guide families not only in homeschooling, but in bringing their families closer to the Lord. They encourage families in every aspect of family life – along with homeschooling.

No matter which conferences you choose, with a little bit of planning, you can turn it into an experience the family looks forward to each and every year.

Road trip to TTD

Map it Out

Pull out the Atlas & road maps and plan your route! Get the kids involved, and turn it into a geography lesson. Look for museums along the way. Be sure to check the ASTC.org Passport list HERE. If your local science center is on the list – you can join and have access to the rest of the museums on the passport list! That means that with your membership comes hundreds of free museum opportunities from around the world. There are exclusions – so be sure to check out the details. We join each year & often plan extra days into our trips to check out the museums along the way. Roadschooling at it’s best!

State and National Parks or National Monuments are another great option for field trips on your way to conventions. Check the link HERE to see about visiting National Museums and MonumentsYou’ll find teaching plans and resources to go with the National Parks & Museums HERE.

Teach Them Diligently 728X180

TTD Atlanta

While in Atlanta for TTD – be sure to take time to stop in Macon to see the Ocmulgee National Monument.  The mounds of four pre-historic cultures lived for thousands of years before the invitation of Europeans. Ocmulgee National Monument is the ancestral home land of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation who now reside in Oklahoma.

Oclumgee National Monument

There is a small museum on site where you can view artifacts, watch a movie and learn about the culture of the natives who lived there before. Inside the largest mound – is a pathway which leads to the central meeting area where the tribe came together to make important decisions. The property is impressive. Plan to take a nice walk and enjoy a picnic. About 2 hours time will be enough to cover your visit – and it is well worth the honor of visiting this National Monument. Admission is free.

While you are south of Atlanta – be sure to stop by the Georgia Museum of Agriculture & Historic Village. Admission is $7 for adults during the week or $10 on weekends (includes a train ride on the weekends) and $4 and $5 for kids. Those under 4 years of age are always free.

The grounds of the Georgia Museum of Agriculture and Historic Village have over 35 structures which have been relocated to the 95 acre site and faithfully restored or preserved.  Have a picnic while you are there. See the old church, drug store, farmstead, gristmill, peanut museum, the old schoolhouse, turpentine still and more!

There are several museums in and around Atlanta – which are on the list from ASTC.org.

 TTD Nashville

Get a list of outdoor parks and fun for families HERE.  Downtown has a park with a beautiful replica of the Parthenon building. The grounds include a pond with ducks and plenty of shade for picnics. (We do a lot of picnics while on the  road).  Walk around downtown and enjoy the Centennial monuments, fountains and more.

Visit Country Music Hall of Fame , Grand Ole’ Opry Backstage Tour,  Get a big list of Nashville attractions and museums HERE. 

 TTD Sandusky, OH

Sandusky, Ohio is a small city that is home to one of the most beautiful collections of historical architecture in the Midwest. Visit the Seneca Caves in Ohio – HERE –  for an exciting adventure.  Check out the list of Gardens & State Preserves HERE.  

Take a drive over to the African Safari Wildlife Park and enjoy a unique kind of zoo experience. Cedar Point is the world famous amusement park located in Sandusky.

Be sure to check the ASTC.org list for the Ohio museums to see if you’ll be driving past one of the great options to visit.

TTD Dallas, TX

Visit the Dallas Heritage Village for a look at historical life as a Texan.  Adults will pay $9 and kids between 4 – 12 are only $5 each. Take a walk downtown in Pioneer Plaza for some great photo ops and enjoy the sculptures and beautifully landscaped design.

The Old Red Museum is one of the few history museums in the nation to include a hands-on education center designed specifically for younger visitors. The Crystal Charity Ball Children’s Education Center is a unique learning center for students from pre-K to young adult and offers hands-on activities, exhibits on children in Dallas County and twelve TEKS-based touch screens.

The Perot Museum is on the list of ASTC.org participants & therefore FREE

 Pit -Stops

Another idea is to check points along your travel route that make for good stopping points – then search that area for special museums and parks to visit. I usually plan to stop about every three hours on our trips. If needed – we can certainly go longer than that to get to a special stopping point, but we like to make these pit stops for adventure along the way.

Keep ’em Busy

Set kids up with clip boards and attached pencil, and give them their own road map for the trip. We bring along colored pencils and markers to use as well as dry erase boards. The kids bring electronic games, mad libs, and get their own snack bags. We always make a dollar store stop before leaving town to stock up on inexpensive, fun treats to keep them occupied.

Look for educational options. We love the Melissa & Doug License Plate Game.

Or try our free License Plate Math Worksheets from Adventures in Childrearing. All you need is a pencil and a clipboard to go along with this fun free printable. Kids love checking out the license plates of the cars on the road.

Travel Math Sheets

License Plate Sheets

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Which homeschool conventions will you be visiting this year? Do you plan a fun extended field trip out of it?