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Up to 90 Percent off on Homeschool Curriculum & Exclusive FREEBIE



Free lapbook on Astronomy for our readers and a very special giveaway (ending May 22 – don’t delay)

Entry is simple – and you can earn extra chances to win by sharing with friends. Click on the graphic below to get more details about the bundle sale, giveaway, special stackable coupon & more.

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HUGE Savings with BYB!


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What’s in the bundles?

Well, we really wish we could tell you, but we have to keep it secret until our sale! We CAN tell you a little about the bundles though! Up to 90 percent off on homeschool curriculum to start.

We have several individual bundles, priced starting at $10. Our sale will consist of the following bundles, plus, of course, the BUILD YOUR OWN OPTIONS!! These bundles are full of products from popular contributors!

Sneak Peek at the Bundle Titles

  • Preschool-Kindergarten
  • 1st-3rd grade (2 bundles!)
  • 4th-6th grade (2 bundles!)
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Charlotte Mason
  • Notebooking
  • Copywork
  • Unit Studies
  • Just for Boys
  • Just for Girls
  • Character Bundle
  • Just for Moms (2 bundles!)
  • Fine Arts
  • Special Needs Bundle
  • Non-Faith Based/Secular Bundle

The SALE Begins

When does this dream sale begin?

May 25 is the kick-off of this fabulous sale and it will run for a whole week! We will help you get to know the companies who contribute so that you are familiar with the products when choosing the right bundles for your family.

It gets even better. As an A Journey Through Learning reader – you get an exclusive FREEBIE lapbook!

Exclusive FREEBIE

Stars and Constellations lapbook

Not only do you get a complete lapbook with templates, we also include extras- study guide, coloring pages, and activity ideas! In the study guide you will learn about the stars, constellations, galaxies & more.  24 pages.

Perfect for summer learning and a great way to try lapbooking! Gain the advantages of creative learning – and help to inspire your children to enjoy a life long love of learning.

Get your EXCLUSIVE FREE Lapbook

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Up to 90% off

Please be sure to check out the SALE with Build Your Bundle – we are participating in the Middle School Bundle, the Unit Study Bundle & also the 4th – 6th grade #1 Bundle but they are ALL fantastic!

It’s the perfect way to try a bunch of different curriculum & learning styles without breaking the bank.

2015 Build Your Bundle Homeschool Sale


Only a couple of days left to seal the deal in the BIGGEST Homeschool SALE of the Year!

Lapbooks for Summer

AJTL Lapbooks for Summer

AJTL Lapbooks for Summer

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4th of July

Lapbook – Celebrate the Fourth of July with this 2-folder lapbook. It teaches your child about the beginning of our country, starting with westward expansion, the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence. Then your child will learn about the fun side of the Fourth of July- Baseball, Fireworks, Parades, The Liberty Bell, Uncle Sam and much more! There is even a page for your child to draw his/her own fireworks!! Comes with a study guide page for each topic! No need to research the info yourself.


July 4th

Lapbook-Celebrate the Fourth of July with this 2-folder lapbook. It teaches your child about the beginning of our country, starting with westward expansion, the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution. Then your child will learn about the fun side of the Fourth of July- Baseball, Fireworks, Parades, The Liberty Bell, Uncle Sam and much more! There is even a page for your child to draw his/her own fireworks!! Comes with a study guide page for each topic! No need to research the info yourself.

Print Copywork– Calling all patriots! Read and write some of the best patriotic quotes ever said! Over 50 quotes and sayings that portray the love and honor of many who agree there is no country like our country-America!

Cursive Copywork– Same as print except in cursive.


Sun Express Lapbook

Express Lapbook -As a busy parent, do you not have the time or desire to do a big lapbook project? We’ve got you covered. This Sun Express lapbook is an “Express Lapbook,” which means it is ONE FOLDER and can be done in one to two days. Not only do you get a complete lapbook with templates, we also include extras- study guides, coloring pages, and activity ideas! 24 pages.


These are just a few favorite seasonal picks for homeschooling and keeping skills sharp during the summer. We have lapbooks, notebooking, unit studies, and copywork on many topics for you to choose from!

 Check out the Seasonal Lapbooks Suggestions Here

Stand Alone Lapbooks – by Subject 

Curriculum Lapbooks

Unit Studies, Notebooking, & Copywork 

Homeschool High School Record Keeping- FREE Webinar Training

The HomeScholar

The HomeScholar

Homeschool High School Record Keeping – Free Webinar to teach parents more about creating a homeschool transcript that will go the distance.

Confused about how to keep high school records and create transcripts in your homeschool‬, for college admission? Investing now in your transcripts and comprehensive records could save your family BIG BUCKS later.

Lee Binz, The ‪Lee Binz – The‎HomeScholar‬ saved over $184,000 when her two boys earned their full-tuition scholarships. Learn how they did it and, more importantly, how YOUR family can do it, too!

Register for the free Homeschool Parent’s Guide to High School Grades, Credits and Transcripts webinar hosted by A Journey Through Learning – on Thursday, May 14th at 5pm (PST) now at http://ow.ly/LYWBj.

A note from Lee:

I’m Lee Binz, TLee Binz he HomeScholar. I wrote a few days ago about how there’s still a lot of resistance from the non-homeschooling world toward the idea of homeschooling high school.  I do get a bit riled up about that, but when I get notes like this one, my anger just turns to sadness:

Lee, I am so, so, so thankful to God for you. I spent the morning becoming confused and in despair over math and science next year. I was reading a homeschool forum trying to decide what to do for science next year. Some of the moms had the idea that you HAD to do certain things or your child’s college career, not to mention life, would be ruined if you didn’t do things a certain way. I finally remembered many of your encouraging, reassuring words regarding individuality and turned off that silly forum.

While I was very grateful to receive such beautiful encouragement, I was also sad because I realized it isn’t just outsiders who discourage parents…we homeschoolers also do it to each other…

Not much has changed in the homeschooling world in the last few years. You see, a short time ago I was in Christy’s exact situation. I was fed up, frustrated, and confused about homeschooling my kids through high school.  It seemed that discouragement was around every corner, whether it was forums, blog comments, advertisements or even just casual remarks at dinner parties. The world, it seemed, did NOT want my husband and I to continue homeschooling through high school.

But I have a stubborn streak, and such talk made me more resolute to prove the naysayers wrong. My way of dealing with this sort of challenge is to do research. And that is exactly what I did! In 2006, we graduated both of our boys after homeschooling independently for 8 years.  Far from ruining their lives, both of our sons earned full-tuition scholarships from their first choice university, which saved our family over $184,000 in tuition expenses!

My mission now as The HomeScholar is to help parents homeschool high school.  The primary way I do this is through education, which is why I am delighted that A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks has asked me to present this information exclusively to their friends.  On Thursday, May 14th, I am holding a FREE one and one-half hour instructional webinar called “A Homeschool Parent’s Guide to High School Grades, Credits and Transcripts”

You will learn all you need to know about determining high school credits and assigning homeschool grades. You will also discover an ultra-EASY, super-QUICK way to perfectly document your homeschool with a transcript that will IMPRESS and AMAZE colleges.

Whether you currently have a high school student or you are just wondering about homeschooling high school, this webinar is a MUST-SEE event!

Please take a moment to click on the link here and register your spot today.  Space is limited and we are filling available slots quickly! We are cooking up something really special for those who attend this presentation live, so make sure you sign up today to reserve your spot!

Here is the information you need:

Title:               A Homeschool Parent’s Guide to High School Grades, Credits and Transcripts
Date:               Thursday, May 14th, 2015
Time:               5pm PST

Space is limited.

Reserve your Webinar seat now RIGHT HERE!

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing instructions to help you join the Webinar. To say “thank you” for registering, you will receive a free monthly email newsletter that will help you homeschool through high school graduation.

Blessings, Lee

Lee Binz, The HomeScholar is a dynamic homeschool speaker and author. She is an expert on how to craft a winning homeschool transcript.  Lee understands what it takes to graduate homeschool students who are fully prepared for college and for life. Her practical advice and organized presentations have helped thousands of homeschool parents muster up the courage to complete their homeschooling journey. Lees mission is to encourage and equip parents to homeschool through high school. Sign up for her free homeschool e-newsletter, The HomeScholar Record, at www.TheHomeScholar.com. You can also find her at Facebook.com/TheHomeScholar.


Classical Conversations – Cycle 1-Lapbooks to Enhance Learning

Classical Conversations

Classical Conversations

Classical Conversations is a popular educational choice for homeschoolers. Many families love the in-depth studies and the structure provided by the CC program. We’ve designed a whole line of products to go along with the cycles of CC education and to add a creative element to your Classical Conversations studies.

Lapbooks- You do not need any additional Classical Conversations resources to do the lapbooks. The information is built in to the study guides – unless otherwise noted in the description.

Activity Books and Binder-Builders- You WILL need the Classical Conversations teaching manual to do these, as noted in the description.

Using lapbooks to enhance learning with your Classical Conversations topics will help your students to enjoy using creativity in their daily learning, help them review and learn the information required of them, and give them a finished product to be proud of! The finished lapbooks also make a wonderful tool for review.

 Sample pages: 

Fish Vertebrate Lapbook    Fish - Vertebrates - sample pages

FishFoundationsSample.pdf (3)FishFoundationsSample.pdf (2)FishFoundationsSample.pdf (1)

 Classical Conversations Lapbooking Titles for Cycle 1

 Reptiles, Mammals, Plants, Volcanoes, CanadaFine Arts, Old Testament, Kingdom Animalia, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Mesoamerica, Canada Story Starters, South America, Egypt, China, Africa, American Indians, Ancient Egypt, Classification, Fish, Birds


It is not required that you use Classical Conversations program in order to use the lapbooks – but these lapbooks are created to go with and enhance the Cycle 1 Classical Conversations subject matter.

Try lapbooking today to encourage hands on learning in your family homeschool!


Check out the Classical Conversations lapbook – perfect for Earth Day!

The Earth Lapbook for Foundations--8.00

Want to purchase some of the Classical Conversations – Cycle 1 Lapbooks? 


– click on the pictures and add them to your cart!


Homeschool Convention Season: How-to Make the Most of It

Making the Most of Homeschool Convention Season

Making the Most of Homeschool Convention Season

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Homeschool Convention Season is upon us and we’re ready to make the most of it. Many families plan vacation around various conventions, for our family . . . . it’s road trip time!

While you may not need to go to more than one homeschool convention each year, it is important that you choose one that is right for your family, and that you make the most of the experience.

We highly recommend all of the Teach Them Diligently Conventions . . . they are Christian conferences created to guide families not only in homeschooling, but in bringing their families closer to the Lord. They encourage families in every aspect of family life – along with homeschooling.

No matter which conferences you choose, with a little bit of planning, you can turn it into an experience the family looks forward to each and every year.

Road trip to TTD

Map it Out

Pull out the Atlas & road maps and plan your route! Get the kids involved, and turn it into a geography lesson. Look for museums along the way. Be sure to check the ASTC.org Passport list HERE. If your local science center is on the list – you can join and have access to the rest of the museums on the passport list! That means that with your membership comes hundreds of free museum opportunities from around the world. There are exclusions – so be sure to check out the details. We join each year & often plan extra days into our trips to check out the museums along the way. Roadschooling at it’s best!

State and National Parks or National Monuments are another great option for field trips on your way to conventions. Check the link HERE to see about visiting National Museums and MonumentsYou’ll find teaching plans and resources to go with the National Parks & Museums HERE.

Teach Them Diligently 728X180

TTD Atlanta

While in Atlanta for TTD – be sure to take time to stop in Macon to see the Ocmulgee National Monument.  The mounds of four pre-historic cultures lived for thousands of years before the invitation of Europeans. Ocmulgee National Monument is the ancestral home land of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation who now reside in Oklahoma.

Oclumgee National Monument

There is a small museum on site where you can view artifacts, watch a movie and learn about the culture of the natives who lived there before. Inside the largest mound – is a pathway which leads to the central meeting area where the tribe came together to make important decisions. The property is impressive. Plan to take a nice walk and enjoy a picnic. About 2 hours time will be enough to cover your visit – and it is well worth the honor of visiting this National Monument. Admission is free.

While you are south of Atlanta – be sure to stop by the Georgia Museum of Agriculture & Historic Village. Admission is $7 for adults during the week or $10 on weekends (includes a train ride on the weekends) and $4 and $5 for kids. Those under 4 years of age are always free.

The grounds of the Georgia Museum of Agriculture and Historic Village have over 35 structures which have been relocated to the 95 acre site and faithfully restored or preserved.  Have a picnic while you are there. See the old church, drug store, farmstead, gristmill, peanut museum, the old schoolhouse, turpentine still and more!

There are several museums in and around Atlanta – which are on the list from ASTC.org.

 TTD Nashville

Get a list of outdoor parks and fun for families HERE.  Downtown has a park with a beautiful replica of the Parthenon building. The grounds include a pond with ducks and plenty of shade for picnics. (We do a lot of picnics while on the  road).  Walk around downtown and enjoy the Centennial monuments, fountains and more.

Visit Country Music Hall of Fame , Grand Ole’ Opry Backstage Tour,  Get a big list of Nashville attractions and museums HERE. 

 TTD Sandusky, OH

Sandusky, Ohio is a small city that is home to one of the most beautiful collections of historical architecture in the Midwest. Visit the Seneca Caves in Ohio – HERE –  for an exciting adventure.  Check out the list of Gardens & State Preserves HERE.  

Take a drive over to the African Safari Wildlife Park and enjoy a unique kind of zoo experience. Cedar Point is the world famous amusement park located in Sandusky.

Be sure to check the ASTC.org list for the Ohio museums to see if you’ll be driving past one of the great options to visit.

TTD Dallas, TX

Visit the Dallas Heritage Village for a look at historical life as a Texan.  Adults will pay $9 and kids between 4 – 12 are only $5 each. Take a walk downtown in Pioneer Plaza for some great photo ops and enjoy the sculptures and beautifully landscaped design.

The Old Red Museum is one of the few history museums in the nation to include a hands-on education center designed specifically for younger visitors. The Crystal Charity Ball Children’s Education Center is a unique learning center for students from pre-K to young adult and offers hands-on activities, exhibits on children in Dallas County and twelve TEKS-based touch screens.

The Perot Museum is on the list of ASTC.org participants & therefore FREE

 Pit -Stops

Another idea is to check points along your travel route that make for good stopping points – then search that area for special museums and parks to visit. I usually plan to stop about every three hours on our trips. If needed – we can certainly go longer than that to get to a special stopping point, but we like to make these pit stops for adventure along the way.

Keep ’em Busy

Set kids up with clip boards and attached pencil, and give them their own road map for the trip. We bring along colored pencils and markers to use as well as dry erase boards. The kids bring electronic games, mad libs, and get their own snack bags. We always make a dollar store stop before leaving town to stock up on inexpensive, fun treats to keep them occupied.

Look for educational options. We love the Melissa & Doug License Plate Game.

Or try our free License Plate Math Worksheets from Adventures in Childrearing. All you need is a pencil and a clipboard to go along with this fun free printable. Kids love checking out the license plates of the cars on the road.

Travel Math Sheets

License Plate Sheets

Join the Adventures & the AJTL Newsletter list & download the License Plate Math Game Sheets immediately. You can easily unsubscribe at any time – or continue to enjoy freebies & encouragement. We will never share your email with others.

Which homeschool conventions will you be visiting this year? Do you plan a fun extended field trip out of it?

Why Attend a Homeschool Convention?

Attend a HOmeschool Convention

Attend a HOmeschool Convention


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Homeschool Convention Season is quickly approaching. Why attend a homeschool convention? There are so many reasons why it’s a good idea to attend each year, but we will go over a few of our favorites. . .

  • Meet others who are on a similar journey  – Fellowship with other Christians & homeschoolers is important. There is something very special about a group of people gathered together with the same or similar focus and goals.
  • Encouragement – We all need it. The speakers, vendors and other homeschool friends are a terrific source of encouragement to help you remember why you have chosen this path and to help you through a variety of difficulties facing homeschool families today.
  • Education –  Knowledge is power! It may be cliche’, but it is repeated over and over again for a reason. The more you learn and educate yourself about parenting, homeschooling, teaching special needs, products and ideas – the more equipped you are to tackle your own family homeschool with confidence.

Learning about lapbooking

  • Teaching Methods – Learn about so many different tips and techniques for teaching that you just won’t find anywhere else. No matter what your child’s learning style may be, there is curriculum, products, and teaching styles to fit their individual needs.
  • Unique Experience – Until you have been to a homeschool convention, you simply cannot comprehend the power in it. Over and over again, we talk to people who are completely taken by surprise to experience so many families who are homeschooling. Friendships are made, relationships are formed and families plan to come back and meet up year after year.
  • Saturation – With the environment of the homeschool convention being what it is, you become saturated in homeschool spirit. You leave feeling refreshed, encouraged, informed and prepared.


Just in case you didn’t notice-our top 6 reasons to attend a homeschool convention spell out “Meet Us”

As the creators of AJTL curriculum and lapbooks – we are here to help, encourage, instruct and we LOVE to meet our customers and other homeschool families. Be sure to come by the booth and say hello. We will gladly answer any questions you have and will spend time helping you. Nancy will be speaking on several different topics as well.

Nancy and Paula

Come visit A Journey Through Learning at these upcoming conventions!

FPEA Special Needs Struggling Learners Convention
Orlando, FL

November 21-22, 2014

Great Homeschool Conventions
Fort Worth
, TX
February 11-15, 2015

Teach Them Diligently Convention
Atlanta, GA

April 9-11, 2015

FPEA Convention
Orlando, FL

May 21-24

Teach Them Diligently Convention
Sandusky, OH

May 28-30

Teach Them Diligently Convention
Dallas, TX

July 16-18

Save $15 on Family Registration before Feb 4

Teach Them Diligently 728X180

Be sure to leave us a message here or on our Facebook Page HERE

to let us know which conference you will be attending!