Lapbooks for Summer
AJTL Lapbooks for Summer

*affiliate links may be present Lapbook – Celebrate the Fourth of July with this 2-folder lapbook. It teaches your child about the beginning of our country, starting with westward expansion, the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence. Then your child will learn about the fun side of the Fourth of July- […]

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Homeschool High School Record Keeping- FREE Webinar Training
The HomeScholar

Homeschool High School Record Keeping – Free Webinar to teach parents more about creating a homeschool transcript that will go the distance. Confused about how to keep high school records and create transcripts in your ‪homeschool‬, for college admission? Investing now in your transcripts and comprehensive records could save your family BIG BUCKS later. Lee […]

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Classical Conversations – Cycle 1-Lapbooks to Enhance Learning
Classical Conversations

Classical Conversations is a popular educational choice for homeschoolers. Many families love the in-depth studies and the structure provided by the CC program. We’ve designed a whole line of products to go along with the cycles of CC education and to add a creative element to your Classical Conversations studies. Lapbooks- You do not need […]

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Homeschool Convention Season: How-to Make the Most of It
Making the Most of Homeschool Convention Season

*affiliate links may be included Homeschool Convention Season is upon us and we’re ready to make the most of it. Many families plan vacation around various conventions, for our family . . . . it’s road trip time! While you may not need to go to more than one homeschool convention each year, it is […]

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Why Attend a Homeschool Convention?
Attend a HOmeschool Convention

  *affiliate links may be present Homeschool Convention Season is quickly approaching. Why attend a homeschool convention? There are so many reasons why it’s a good idea to attend each year, but we will go over a few of our favorites. . . Meet others who are on a similar journey  – Fellowship with other Christians […]

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