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Free American Indians (Already Printed) Lapbook!!!

We have a ton of American Indian lapbooks that we printed out and then decided not to take them to our last homeschool book fair that we attended. Sooo….what to do with them all. Now, until they are gone, we have about 30, we will include
one FREE with an order that includes a printed order. We will just slip it inside with your printed order. Please pass along to your groups. This is a 21.00 deal and will be a great Thanksgiving season study!

When you place your printed order, there is a box for you to leave a comment. Just write in Free Indians lapbook and we will know you want one put into your printed order package. **Please, this does NOT include instant download or CD only orders. Your order MUST include at least ONE printed item (the rest can be download or CD) so that we can just slip the Indians printed lapbook into your package. I am linking the Indians lapbook on the image below so that you can see it. Remember, you get this in printed format FREE when you place an order for another printed item.