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Feature Friday Product~Math Helpers

Math Helpers are going to be your best math friend.  You will be able to have one for each grade K-4th.  These cover the different concepts that are expected to be covered.

Daily Helpers are made by gluing cute learning templates into colorful specially-folded file folders. They are used alongside your child’s school program to help your child master or review the basic skills required for his/her grade. When your child is done with school for the day, the Daily Helper folds up and can be placed in a desk or book for safe keeping. It is like having many posters right in front of your child all at ONE time!! And, no holes in the wall!
With the packet, we not only list the skills needed for your child’s grade, but we give you all the templates needed to create the Daily Helper. We highly recommend that you laminate the templates before putting into the file folders so that they can be used over and over again with a dry erase marker and also so the templates will stay sturdy after lots of usage from your child.

Daily Helpers Lapbook- Math Grade K


Daily Helpers Lapbook- Math Grade 1


Daily Helpers Lapbook-Math Grade 2


Daily Helper Lapbook-Math Grade 3


Daily Helper Lapbook-Math Grade 4


Here is your code to get the math helpers for 30% off DH30 .  This is for the download products only. 

Kindergarten Daily Helpers Math Lapbook

This thing rocks.  I am stepping out of my A Journey Through Learning shoes and talking to you as Daily Helper Lapbook-Kindergartena homeschool mom.

I have run out of wall space…because my walls are covered with bookshelves.  However, I have a few math posters I have wanted to have available for my children, but never had the space to hang them.  This product takes care of that!!

Kindergarten Daily Helpers Math Lapbooks contains mini books full of all the math concepts needed for each grade level…wait, the other grades will be out soon, so keep checking back, or subscribe to the blog, because, I will post about them.   Check out the Sample pages and I am sure you will understand my excitement.

Get this, there are daily helpers in the works for so much more.  Please keep checking back, because you don’t want to miss out on these!!