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It’s Time To Party~VeggieTale Style

We are working hard to get together a Facebook Party VeggieTale Style.  We have over $300 worth of giveaways, and plan to have a ton of fun.

We will even have someone from VeggieTales here to talk to you.

So, come out and join us Feb. 23 at 7 pm on our Facebook Wall

If you want to get in on a little pre-party fun, join us on our Google+ hangout at 6:30 and maybe we will have a few extra prizes to hand out. Winking smile

If you have younger children that you are homeschooling, or trying to keep out of mischeif while homeschooling older children, then a VeggieTale lapbook may be just the thing to help.

Come join us next Thursday for a fun time with our favorite Veggies!!

It’s about to get…

Get very Veggie on our Facebook Page!!

Keep watching, and you will notice lots of Veggie Talk taking place.

If you have children age 4 and up, they are likely to love all this Veggie Talkā€¦

Bob or Larry or Jr. or Who is your favorite Veggie character?

So, I leave you with these Very Veggie Thoughts,

Keep watching here, Twitter and Facebook.

You might get your best Veggie for Free

A cucumber, tomato, pea or Asparagus.

We love our Veggies, and know you do too.

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