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Winds of Change

Do you ever “just know” that God is about to shift your life into another direction? Well, those winds of change are swirling at my house. We are praying and seeking what the Lord is doing. Today, I sat outside on my “dream” patio. I love it out there. I sat for the longest time just thinking back over my life. And the adventures I have lived.

wedding 1987

Our wedding in 1987

Next, Saturday, I will celebrate 27 years of marriage with my best friend. To this day, we can sit for hours and talk. We take a cruise every year, and spend hours just sitting beside each other. I love him so much. Don’t get me wrong here, it has not always been a “blissful” time. We have had our struggles and heartaches. But, the joys have been many.

27 years on 5-31

Us today!

We have birthed two amazing girls and traveled to two different countries to adopt a 6 year old little girl, Candace, from China, and a 9 month old baby boy, Cameron, from Guatemala.


Lindsey’s birth in 1993

We have been blessed to homeschool all 4 and have seen the fruits of our labor as our oldest, Lindsey is about to start medical school!

Lauren's birth 1996

Lauren’s birth in 1996

Our middle daughter, Lauren, leaves in a week to travel for 14 weeks doing missions work across the states. While our joys have been great, we have also had huge losses.

Feb 2001 Cameron Gotcha Day

Cameron’s Gotcha Day – February 2001

We have rejoiced as all of our children have on their own, each chosen to live their lives for Jesus!

Oct 2003 Candace Gotcha Day

Candace’s Gotcha Day – October 2003

Our daughter Candace from China was diagnosed with a terminal brain disease in 2006 and sadly passed away at the age of 13 in 2009.

3 months before Candace diagnosed

Three months before Candace’s diagnosis.

So, in a nutshell we have ridden our highs and lows. But, all with the Lord as our driver.

crew today

Our crew today

I can honestly say, I don’t know what the next 27 years will hold for us. But, I do know the One who does! So, we will wait. We will wait and see how the Lord uses our children in their gifts and talents. We will wait to see how this next phase of our lives will play out. We will hopefully build new dreams, new memories, and live our lives as Jesus guides. Yep, the wind is blowing, but, I can honestly say, “I am excited!”


Nancy Fileccia is a fourteen-year homeschooling veteran and co-owner of A Journey Through Learning lapbooks with her best friend, Paula Winget. They create fun, hands-on learning products for homeschooling families. Nancy loves helping parents with their journey of international adoption. Nancy and her husband, Rusty, make their home in Shreveport, Louisiana, with their three children. Visit her website at

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Candace Kate Story, Special Needs Adoption

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Candace Kate, Special Needs Adoption

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Welcome and Door Prizes!


We are thrilled you have joined us this evening to celebrate the release of Nancy Fileccia’s new book: More Than A Memory: The Candace Kate Story!

Candace Kate, Batten Disease

One Family’s Story of Love, Pain, Loss, and Joy

Candace Kate Story, Special Needs Adoption

The Fileccias did not consider themselves special; just an ordinary family. Yet in 2003, God chose them to begin an extraordinary life journey. Trusting in their faith, Rusty and Nancy packed up their three children and traveled to China to adopt Xing Dan Nang (Candace), an eight-year-old blind girl. Little did they know this trip would lead them through the deepest valleys a family could ever experience.

The challenge of teaching a blind child paled to insignificance when their precious daughter was diagnosed with Battens, a fatal disease, in 2006. The next three years became a roller coaster ride of deep despair, desperate hope, and searching for answers. Based on Nancy’s heartfelt journal entries of their journey, the story of Candace Kate unfolds, shining a light on God’s purpose to give this little girl a “forever family” and showing how she lived a full life in only thirteen years.

Life is short; no one is guaranteed eighty years. But during our time on earth we can inspire, love, and show God’s undying love for us, before He calls us home.

You can read all about More Than A Memory: The Candace Kate Story and preview the first chapter.

Read reviews from the Candace Kate Story Launch Team!

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Candace Kate Story, Special Needs Adoption

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Just like you, we too, are mothers. We have chosen the journey to teach, lead and guide our children in everything that they do.

Certainly, we want to be an intimate part of our children’s lives but we have to ask ourselves-do our children really know us? What were our childhood dreams, who were our best friends, how much did we weigh at birth, and how did we meet their dad?

It is our prayer that our Mother’s Memories Lapbook will allow you to give a little bit of yourself to your child. It is to be completed and given to your child to have as a keepsake. How much fun it would be to work on your lapbooks together if your child is in the process of doing a lapbook too!

Topics include:

  • A Letter to my Child,
  • Your Family Tree
  • Your Mom and Dad (child’s grandparents)
  • Growing Up (birth, school, college)
  • Your Childhood Pets
  • Your Best Friends
  • Your Favorite Childhood Memories
  • Your Siblings
  • Your Favorite Books, Songs, Movies
  • Your Family Recipes
  • How You Met your Child’s Father
  • Your Wedding Day
  • When You Were First Married (first house, first car, etc.)
  • Origin of your Maiden Name
  • Your Hopes and Dreams for Your Child

Our “No Hassle” lapbook instructions are color-coded to make it easy to assemble!



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