Stay-tuned for a whole new round of exciting resources!

  • Binder-Builder for Science Before Christ by Dr. Jay Wile
  • Binder-Builder for Ancient Civilizations of the Bible by Diana Waring
  • Binder-Builder for World Empires, World Missions, World Wars by Diana Waring
  • Notebooking Pages for Dr. Jay Wile’s Science Before Christ: Books 1 & 3
  • A NEW PRODUCT BASED ON THE CLASSICS BOOKS: These favorite titles will take the boring out of reading, and will help your child to “want” to finish the book, in order to find the hidden gems placed throughout the study guides. These new Study-Binders will be filled with maps, reports, geography, history, character profiles and so much more!
  • New set of lapbooks and study guides based on the lives of real missionaries.
  • Finishing the final books of Hakim’s A History of U.S. set. books 7-9