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Moms Say AJTL Lapbooks are Easy to Use

What moms are saying . . .

What moms are saying . . .


We love hearing from our customers about how A Journey Through Learning products are enhancing their homeschool.

AJTL lapbooks are easy to use!

One of the key features of our lapbooks is the easy to use format. Each page is numbered so that – even if you were to drop the entire stack of pages . . . they could easily be put back in order. Additionally, there are pictures to show you how to lay out the mini-booklets, and each mini-book is explained in full within the study guides that accompany the stand alone lapbooks.

A first time homeschool mom and first time lapbooker said,

I just wanted you to know how much I love your lapbooks! This is my first year homeschooling my three children, and our first experience using lapbooks.

Of the lapbooks I have seen, these are by far superior.

Even when I can get some products for free, I would still prefer to purchase A Journey Through Learning.

They are easy to follow, have clear instructions and great curriculum matter.

~Lucinda Douglas – a homeschool mom

We LOVE to hear that Lucinda! Thank you for sharing!

Producing curriculum that holds valuable information, is relevant to students ages, and is easy to use – are just a few of our main goals at AJTL.

Lapbooking will add a layer of creativity to your studies (even if you are not a “crafty” or “artistic” person) and will help your students not only learn to pull out the most relevant information, but also will help them retain what they learn.

When they are finished with each lapbook or unit study project – they will have something to be proud of, and a terrific review tool!

Have you tried lapbooking yet?

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What Moms Say About AJTL Lapbooking . . .

What moms are saying about AJTL

What moms are saying about AJTL

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We’ve been asking questions – because we want to know what moms say about AJTL lapbooking and how it helps their children learn. Martina Bump is a homeschool mom, like you, and she had these things to say about our lapbooks . . .


“My children and I love A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks and study guides!!!

We have done several of them and my girls retain more by being able to write,cut and glue and put together a lapbook that is fun and engaging to look at over and over again.

With your student wanting to go back and look at what they have created over and over they are reenforcing what you have taught them.In addition to it being fun it works on fine motor skills such as cutting ,writing and also on following step by step directions.

Happy results with AJTL lapbooks

Upon finishing one of the lapbooks my daughter took it to show her speech and OT therapist and they were very impressed by what she had accomplished and how much she had retained from schooling with the lapbook. The therapist agreed that this was the PERFECT fit for my struggling learners.

The strides they have made in school since doing

lapbooks from A Journey Through Learning have been amazing!!!

What a wonderful testimony of homeschooling it has been to their therapist. Some who were not for homeschooling have been in favor of my homeschooling as a result.

Thank you Paula for taking the time and helping out an overwhelmed mom, a few years ago . It has been a tremendous blessing.”

~ Martina Bump – Happy Homeschool Mom


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Lapbooking for Homeschool: What and Why you should

Lapbooking for Homeschool - what & why you should

Lapbooking for Homeschool

What exactly is lapbooking for homeschool and why should you use it?

Lapbooking for Homeschool - what & why you should

The What

Lapbooking is simply a way to gather the information you are learning and studying and compiling it into a mini-book format. Students learn to assimilate information, to pull out the important data, and to put it together in an organized and understandable presentation.

Regular file folders are used as a base to create this fantastic homeschool resource. See our tutorial HERE  on how to fold them to form the main book. Additional “mini-books” are then added throughout the base to organize and present the information on any topic.

Lapbooks are an educational scrapbook of your studies.

The Why

Lapbooking trains students to process, assimilate and share important information.  

The mini-books that are put together throughout the lapbooking process provide a terrific visual method of “chunking” information in appropriate sections. This skill not only helps students retain what they are learning, but is a skill that will continue to be useful to them long after their lapbooking days have passed!

Lapbooks also make great tools for review and for recording all that you have studied in your homeschool journey.

Lapbooking is educational and fun!

Additional Benefits

Using lapbooking as an educational tool in your family homeschool can change the whole atmosphere in your school day. A few of the added benefits include the following:

  1. Lapbooking is FUN!
  2. Lapbooking is CREATIVE
  3. Great for Special Needs Learning
  4. Hands on activities help students retain what they learn
  5. Terrific resource for REVIEW
  7. Lapbooking highlights the most important information on a subject
  8. It teaches organizational skills useful in studies & throughout life
  9. It is FLEXIBLE! Use it in a way that works best for your family or child
  10. Lapbooks make a GREAT PRESENTATIONS of work (for grandparents or state agencies)


A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks come in stand alone options that need no other curriculum, and also in lapbooks to accompany your studies for many of your favorite homeschool companies!  SEE OUR STORE HERE


Back to School & Blog Début Giveaway

It’s that time of year…Back to School-we are stocking up on supplies, finishing our lesson plans, finding a few gaps, and trying to keep up with it all.

A Journey Through Learning is busy starting this new blog.  Here we will be discussing great lapbooking tips, our favorite lapbook supplies, sales and promotions, and so much more.

So what exactly is a lapbook? Glad you asked! A lapbook is a FUN, HANDS-ON and CREATIVE way for your child to record information that he/she has learned about a certain subject. First, you create the folder part of your lapbook. This part is made from colored folders that are folded in a special way and glued together. Mini-booklets are then cut out, constructed and glued inside of the folders. Children write their information inside the fun mini-booklets. Beats boring worksheets hands down!

We have lapbooks for Apologia/Jeannie Fulbright science, TruthQuest history, Maestro Classics, and more!

A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks goes the extra mile to make your lapbooking experience better than ever for you AND your student. Why?
*First and foremost-MOST of A Journey Through Learning’s lapbooks come with a study guide. No need to search out the answers yourself!
*A Journey Through Learning’s lapbooks are colorful.
*A Journey Through Learning’s lapbook prices beat out many competitors!
*A Journey Through Learning gives you step by step instructions on how to fold and glue your folders to make the “spine” of your lapbook.
*A Journey Through Learning gives you step by step directions AND a shape-coded chart on where to place your mini-booklets within each folder.
*A Journey Through Learning’s 3-folder lapbook takes about one month to complete. However, you can expand the study portion and make it last as long as you want. That’s the beauty of homeschooling. Do it YOUR way!

Why use lapbooks? Because learning doesn’t have to be boring! Why do lapbooks work? Because kids don’t realize they’re educational. Lapbooks work well for reluctant writers and learners, too!

whole lapbook_edited-1

So, to start this blog off right, we are going to have a giveaway!!

Three readers will win a download of their choice from A Journey Through Learning.

So are you ready to enter?  First a mandatory entry, comment below about your favorite lapbook or what your favorite would be if you had any lapbook to choose from.

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Good Luck and Happy Lapbooking!